Sunday, December 18, 2011

complete randomness (and also tub news)

We got some GREAT news from the pest control people late last week (see my previous post about the giant landscape rock-filled hole in our foundation underneath our master bathtub here)...

The Hole Can Be Patched!  We Can Re-use Our Tub!  Glory Hallelujah And All Things Awesome!!

Now we just have to tear out the shower... sigh.  But I can't be too sad - things could definitely be worse!

But I'm not going to lie... with this BIG project underway, Christmas fast approaching, and the deadline of me going back to school for the spring impending, I'm feeling like a ball of stress.

I've been feeling bit under the weather as well - but I didn't let it stop me from going skiing this weekend, which was a good decision.  =)

I'm also pretty excited to be getting new glasses today - hooray for un-used FSA money! These were my last glasses...

And I was totally in love with them - but I always feel such anxiety about choosing frames...  You have to live with them and wear them with everything for so long! Eek!  I just need a pair that's going to make me look 6 inches taller and 10 pounds lighter. Shouldn't be hard to find, right? ;)

I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday and enjoying the heck out of this holiday season!  Hopefully I'll have some bathrooms pics/news/insanity to report soon.  Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. I love the Dear Stress. Too funny. I just got new glasses this year. They're super nerdy and I love them!