Monday, January 31, 2011


While browsing the pages of Elle Decor today, I came across this...

A little strange, no? I guess when it comes to your home, it's whatever "floats your boat" ;) Who doesn't need a little dose of the odd or strange on an otherwise somewhat dreary Monday? I sure do! Happy (strange) Monday, everyone!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wanted: Tory Burch Boot

I want a pair of these... SO MUCH. I love everything Tory Burch does, it's just too bad her prices are more "Bergdorf Goodman" when my wallet is more "Target" sized... But if anyone out there was feeling generous (they're on sale!! Only $113 right now!), I'm a size 7 and I would be willing to do an ENORMOUS amount of decorating and design work in exchange (since my husband would DIE if I ever suggested spending that much on clothing). I'm just saying people... I'm giving you options ;) Here's a pic of my little beauties...

Here are some more favorites from her Ready-to-wear collection at Bergdorfs...
I want these for work. I would wear them everyday. I promise.

Too bad I lose expensive sunglasses. I'll stick with my $10 avaiators =)

Yummy white hobo - here I come, summer!

Suede satchel? Yes please. It's very "working girl."

Straw tote! With Coral accents! Happiness!

Nautical necklace... ahhh warmer weather, I'm on my way! Thanks Tory Burch for the eye candy - keep it coming! Happy Sunday evening, everyone!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Help and Bedroom

Help! I've been too busy to blog and I soooooo miss it!! I promise I'll post a real entry either tomorrow or Monday... For now, enjoy a lovely picture from me to you:

{Via Apartment Therapy}

We're re-doing our bedroom (part of the reason for my absence this week/weekend), and I'd love ours to look like this when it's done! Hope your weekends have been swell, and I promise to get back into the swing of things either tomorrow or Monday. Happy Saturday night!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rain Boot Love

At the end of my college career in May of 2009, I was absolutely exhausted(<- bet you're wondering what this has to do with rain boots, huh? Just wait...) I had just finished taking my finals for both abstract algebra, and number theory (read: really really hard and super-nerdy math). I had literally experienced a mini-nervous break down during that semester. The work load was impossibly large (and I had attended a college prep school, so I was accustomed to 4+ hours of homework every evening), the material was horribly difficult, and to top it all off, I was planning our wedding. Both of my professors graded my finals on the spot, so I knew I had passed both classes by a large margin (insert saint-making miracle here), and I was seriously crying with happiness. I knew that nothing could stop me from graduating now (I always assume I'm failing each class I take, I don't know why, but thankfully that was never a self-fulfilling belief...). I wanted to reward myself, but I didn't have really any idea what to do. I knew I was planning a wedding (planning a wedding=broke as a joke), and that I couldn't afford to buy myself anything really nice, and for some reason I was feeling frivolous. That doesn't happen with me very often; I tend to be VERY practical. I decided to take a trip to super target (budget shopping!) to see what I could find. Upon entrance I was less than thrilled with the usual items, clothing, bags, jewelry, etc. I decided to take a quick run through the shoe section before heading over to housewares (my usual Target indulgence). As I was skimming the aisles, light from heaven seemed to shine down upon one particular pair... I don't know why I fell head-over-galoshes in LOVE with them, but I did. "I can't justify this," I said to myself. Then I sat back and thought about the last time I'd made a silly purchase. I couldn't think of one in any kind of near memory. "Don't I get one silly little thing every once in a while? And they only cost $18..." I walked out that day with perhaps the most ridiculous purchase I thought I would ever make. Turns out, they have been anything BUT ridiculous.

They have traveled with me to San Fransisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, London, Barcelona, Alicante, Nice, Mote Carlo, Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Pisa, and Gibraltar, not to mention accompanying me to work and on errands MANY times in the last (almost) 2 years. I wager I have worn and needed them at least 20 or 30 times since purchasing them. So take THAT, practicality! Silly things can be useful! I have fallen in love with rain boots and hope to own many more of them some day (whenever I live in a place that causes me to need more than one pair). With that love in mind, here are some sweet pics of adorable wellingtons, and some very cute people wearing them!

Why, why, WHY do I look so terrible in yellow?? I NEED these.

Very Pippi Longstocking

I would love some wellies with handles some day!

Siiiiiiinging in the raaaaaiiiiinnn, just siiiiiiinging in the raaaaaiiiinnn!

GREAT idea~too bad nothing grows in phoenix. I guess I could pot a cacti in a rubber boot...

Blue plaid! These must be the siblings to my pink plaid lovelies.

Papa wellie, Mama wellie, and baby wellie!

Dancing in rain boots? Best. Thing. Ever.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to spend just a small amount of money on frivolity? Don't go crazy, but take some time every once in a while to just spoil yourself. Maybe you'll find your purchase wasn't so silly after all! =) Happy Sunday, friends!

(some images via We Heart It, and some form personal collection)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Balloon Friday!

While browsing a picture site that I particularly love (We Heart It), I came across a photo that I featured yesterday:

I was trying to decide what it was that I loved about it. Was it the light? The wide open space? The fact that I wish I was running barefoot down a street? Maybe. But I really think I'm in love with balloons right now. every picture with balloons in it seems so happy and joyful. You can't see her face, but I KNOW this girl is smiling.

Since today is Friday of another long week for me, I need all the happy happy joy joy I can get right now thankyouverymuch. So, from me to you, here are some of my all-time favorite happy balloon pics. See if you don't catch yourself smiling at at least one of them ;)

Rain boots make EVERYTHING cuter/sweeter/more adorable/all-around better! In fact, I think it's a proven mathematical theory that:
Rainboots + balloons = unstoppable happiness! ( I would know...)

This is where I'm living in my mind today!

Amazing picture; this may have to become the background on my computer.

Been here, done this. As cute as it looks (read: uber-cute!), it's stinking hard and very very dangerous. Warning: do not drive with balloons in your car. There, now you can't blame me for crashing when you try to re-create this awesome photo.

Amen, sister, amen!

This makes me:
1. Wish I had kids (only for like a nano-second and only so that I could accomplish #3)
2. Wish people sent out "Summer cards" like Christmas cards.
3. Want to send this pic out as one of my completely adorable, and always witty Summer cards and people would be horribly jealous of my sweet photo-taking skills, pinch-their-cheeks cute kids, and my life in general. Don't act like you wouldn't if you got this baby in the mail.

Where do people find balloons this large? I want some.

I would also send this as a Summer card (see above scenario).

Light through balloons is so magical. I hope this sent you to your happy place, balloon in tow! Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's getting away from me!! I am all planned-out at school (lessons planned, tests and quizzes written and copied, etc.), but because I'm spending so much time here, my house is falling apart! I need to start using my time at home more wisely (read: NOT sitting down to watch episode after episode of "How I Met Your Mother" on DVD, and NOT snuggling with Ted for over an hour at a time). I'm going to institute a "5 Minute Cleaning Rule" for myself. Every hour or two, I'm going to set aside 5 minutes, and clean as much as I can as fast as I can. This way I'll not feel like I have to clean all night, and eventually my progress should catch up with my constant need to dirty the space around me (I hope??). This way, every few days I can tackle a big job (laundry, mopping, watching re-runs of "Friends"... you know, only the things that I absolutely MUST do...).

I really wish someone would invent the house that cleans itself. It would be an instant hit, I promise. Until then, I'll just slave away (read: do a few chores a day and gripe loudly), and keep cleaning something that will probably be dirty again in a matter of hours. Humph!

I'd rather be here:

doing this:

I'd also settle for here:

Doing this:

There's nothing quite like jumping on a bed to instantly turn a frown into a giggle. Happy Thursday, friends!

Images via SoFrench, WeHeartIt, and CountryLiving.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bicycle Love

I LOVE my bicycle. My husband and I are fortunate enough to live in a very urban and bike friendly place (extraordinarily unusual for the Phoenix-metro area), and we enjoy bike-riding on a very regular basis.

I have always loved the feeling of the wind in my hair, but not so fast that it whips my face (hence why my childhood obsession with bikes did not turn into an adult obsession with convertibles... and my wallet is thankful!). Cruisers are my favorite, since I am not a hipster and couldn't hope to ever remain upright on a fixed gear or road bike. They're so fun and happy looking, don't cruisers always look happy? I personally love red as the ultimate color for cruisers... red with a wicker basket, vintage Schwinn wide-seat, metal puddle protectors, white-wall tires, and a charming vintage bell - hold out for me, dream bike, I'm coming for you, I swear!

My family was also lucky enough to inherit a vintage bronze Schwinn tandem from an Uncle Ralph (some relation to my grandmother). Pictured below is that same bike, but in blue (ours has a basket, as well).

We feel like the coolest kids in bike-town when we tootle around on our tandem with sweet little Ted either in the basket, or trotting alongside. We get "awww"s and whistles, please try to contain your jealously. Seriously. With my love of bikes in mind, here are a few pics that make my heart just melt...

Believe it or not, Eric and I did consider using our bikes as the "getaway" vehicles for our wedding reception. And we would've used them (they're matching and red - ok, you can be jealous now, I know you can't help it), except that it was the middle of the summer and the temps outside had settled around 538,261,394,869 degrees, roughly.

This would make a great print for my office!

See? Cool people have matching bikes, and take awesome pictures to boot!

I want this painting almost as much as I want her red pants and the puppy in the basket...

This is chic. If I lived in Europe and could use my bike to do my grocery shopping at a local market, I would. And I would wear this coat and boots, just because I live in Europe and that's what Europeans do.

Beach cruiser + beach house = awesome

Must have these pillowcases from Etsy!

While the weather is pleasant, go take a bike ride, you won't regret it! Happy Wednesday, friends!

(Images from personal collection; sources unknown, sorry!)