Monday, October 10, 2011

New things (and my 200th post!)

Along with the new computer (yay!!), I've come to the conclusion that I need a heftier bag to carry it.  I've actually gone through 5 bags since I started toting my computer daily - the junk I lug around every day is so heavy that the handles are literally ripping off!  I've had NO luck with the laptop carry all bags from Target and elsewhere that have the faux leather handles.  I even tried upgrading to a very nice faux leather bag, only to have the handles start to rip after just a few months =(  I've done quite a bit of research, and aside from a backpack (absolutely will not do this - I am an adult), and a canvas bag (I really want my bag to look polished and professional), the only real solution I've come across is 100% leather from these guys...

The handles won't rip unless I'm toting bricks, and most reputable bag makers guarantee their stitching for some amount of time.  I've spent a while searching, and I think I've found something, but the investment (I won't say "price" because at this point it's really a long term investment), is making me nervous.  Here are my two options...

Vintage Re-issue Satchel by Fossil - $188

Vintage Re-issue Weekender by Fossil - $288

I know which one I like better, and which one wil function better for me (the weekender), but I feel like I could make the satchel work (it is quite a bit smaller, though), and for $100 dollars less, it's tempting.  But when I really think about it, the investment in the weekender seems like it would be better for the long term.  It's everything I wanted: cognac-colored leather, looks like a purse, warrantied for 5 years, big enough to hold all the crap I tote around, and it will wear well with age.  But I'm still afraid to jump just yet.

What do y'all think?  What would you do if you had to choose between less expensive/almost what you want, and more expensive/exactly what you want?  What would you do??  I'd love your input!

I hope you're having a fantastic Monday, and if you're looking for a little something else to do, pop over to House of Hepworths to see her feature on my fall wreath and a few more gorgeous wreaths from around the blog-o-shpere....

  Have a great day, friends!!

P.S. - If you missed it in my title, this my 200th post!  Blogging has brought such joy to me for the last year or so since I started, and the people I've met through this are nothing short of wonderful.  Thank you to each and every one of you followers and readers who make this experience so rich and rewarding.  Here's to the next 200!!


  1. I've had my eyes on the Weekender as well. Buy it so I stare longingly at it. :P

    This is a tough one. The old me would just settle for the less expensive one but the newer me is more into saving up for the one that I really want. It makes me happier with the purchase. I find that if I buy the less expensive one (aka the one I really want) then I am not as happy and end up replacing it sooner than I may have with the one I really wanted. I can help you justify anything. :)

  2. I really like the weekender. Does it have a Fossil logo on it anywhere? That would greatly influence my decision.

  3. That bag is fabulous! Fossil has really stepped it up!

  4. Agreed with what Michelle said--I am slowly learning to invest in one thing that I love instead of spending pretty much the same amount of $$ on a bunch of things that I sorta like but they're on sale so they end up in my cart. Both bags are pretty, though! Congrats on your 200th post :)

  5. What I like about the satchel is taht you can put it over your shoulder. Don't see a shoulder strap on the weekender. If you don't mind always having your hand occupied, go for the weekender, if that's the one you love.

  6. I love your choices! And, I don't think you'll ever be sorry to buy leather.

    I was actually in a similar conundrum last year. I wanted to have a bag I could carry my planner and my laptop in. Since my planner came from Franklin Covey, I started there...and found exactly what works for me. I figured going to the 'source' would be a good choice, and it was. So, go to and check those out. They often have sales and/or free shipping, and since they are meant to be a professional bag, they have compartments, plus they're roomy enough for all that 'professional' stuff you have to carry around!

    Good luck!

  7. Weekender all the way! Though I won't lie, I've been drawn to the idea of a leather backpack for some time now. . . and a vespa, and narrow cobblestone roads and Kyle becoming Italian :)

  8. Buahaha! I've had that same dream I think ;)