Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh how Pinteresting!

I'm joining the club of people blogging about their faves on Pinterest - isn't social media one giant swirl of awesome?!  And by awesome I mean a HUGE (albeit fun) time suck. Since I'm not done editing the photos of our trip, and I spent all of yesterday evening meeting the lovely parents of my students - I'm so blessed to have so many wonderful families at my school!  Since I'm a little short on time, here are a few a ton of things I'm loving...

First the clothes...
Adult size needed now!

I need all of these things in my closet right now!

Now for the inspiring/just plain beautiful things...

I have extraordinarily talented friends - check out

And while we're on the subject of photography, I want this as our Christmas card photo for this year... only with Ted too, of course.  =)

One year ago today we were here =)

Ohhhh, take me away!

puddles - love

Here are some great ideas and projects I hope to tackle...

What a great idea!  Next time JoAnn's has glass jars on sale, I'm there.

UhhhMAZING idea!

Love spaghetti squash -  never thought of serving it with just herbs... Mmmmmm

A few funnies for your enjoyment...
So true.

I almost died of laughter - isn't this the truth?!

And now... finally... the home lovlies....

Holy gorgeous.  Love, love, love!

Mmmm, bench seating - I personally love the view from the windows.

This is how you make a sectional look gooooooood.

Must. Live. Here.

Don't you love how this frame is part of a gallery wall, but it's still the total focal point of the arrangement?  What a fab idea to surround a great print with decorative plates!

This has to be a Pottery Barn ad - either that or I'm going to become BFFs with whoever put this together.

We all know Sherry has impeccable taste, and here is more proof.  I'm moving in here immediately - excuse me while I pack my bags...

Whew, this was fun!  I'm going to have to get in on the Pinterest fave thing more often.  What website are you wasting hours on lately?  You know my vice - now share yours!  Happy Friday, friends!!

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  1. I am loving your pins! The clothes, the office and that adorable Christmas card. Can I steal the idea too??? :)

  2. I re-pinned a few of these things myself just this week! That stairway - wow!