Monday, October 3, 2011

Who, me?

Hi friends!  Sorry to poop out on Friday - it's been craziness around here.  The end of quarter is in less than 5 days (eeek!!), and I have quite a few loose ends to tie up before fall break comes.  But I got a nice surprise in my inbox yesterday...  It was a sweet email from Linda at Coastal Charm saying she's featuring my autumn wreath on her blog today!

I'm so incredibly flattered - what a great surprise!!  Pop on over and shower her some love - I know I will!  Her blog is completely adorable and you'll have a ton of eye candy if you follow her - so do it! =)   

And do forgive me if my posting is more sparse this week.  I've got a lot to prepare for!  Have a happy Monday, friends! =)

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