Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm blogging later than usual today because I did this with my morning...

2 miles before 6AM sure makes you exhausted gets you going.  Did I mention I'm HORRIBLY out of shape?  I may or may not have huffed and puffed the ENTIRE way.  =)  Don't forget that today is the last day to enter my giveaway if you haven't already...  Go HERE.

I'll be back with real material tomorrow - including the announcement of something super fun!  Have a Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Uggg. Running. We did the Couch to 5K this summer. We're up to almost 3 miles. I hate running. I'm not sure why we keep doing it. Something about being healthy...or the need to run because I eat like crap. I'm impressed you did it so early!

  2. Come by on Monday and see who got featured at NIFTY THRIFTY's YOU!!!! Please feel free to grab my starfish I've been featured button for your blog.