Friday, November 18, 2011

Another edition of What the Blogger Wore

This past Thursday (as in yesterday) Eric and I participated in a charity fundraiser for Orchard Africa, our friend's nonprofit organization based here in Phoenix.  I was the auction coordinator and my husband helped put the media together for the evening.

Honestly, this event is what has kept this blog a little silent lately.  I've seriously been pouring my heart and soul into this thing, hoping to help OA reach their goal of raising $150,000 to fully fund 15 South African villages (fully funded means training and equipping pastors, teachers and medical personel).

We were about 100 people short of our attendance goal, and I was a little worried, but everyone who attended was AMAZINGLY generous, and we raised $120,000!  Although we didn't get 15 villages funded, we did make it possible for 12 to have funding!!  I was so thrilled with how the evening went, and so excited to see it grow for next year...

There was, of course, the decision of what to wear to the "african chic" event....

*picture created at*

I'm sensing a green theme in my outfits lately, like this one from a few weeks ago.   It was pretty fun to get all dressed up - even if I was running around the whole time like a headless chicken =)

I hope you all had fab weeks. I should be back to posting regularly as soon as Thanksgiving is over.  We are having 25 people over to our little home to celebrate!  I'm sort of jealous of everyone in blogland and their lovely table-scapes... I can barely seat enough people around scattered banquet tables here, let alone worry about napkin rings and chargers, haha!  It sure is nice looking at all the eye candy, though. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. This charity sounds awesome!

    And don't my parent's house we don't even eat off of matching plates. I don't color coordinated tables make the holidays. :P