Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Squeals of Happiness!

Eeeeee!  I won!  I won, I won, I won!  You know how every other day someone is hosting a blog giveaway?  It always feels like that to me (perhaps this is a giant sign from God that I read toooooo many blogs!!).  When I first started blogging, I used to enter giveaways any time I saw one.  Picture me excited like a giddy kid on a sugar rush screaming, "FREE THINGSSSS!!"  I probably looked like this kid...

Then, the glow began to fade...  I didn't win anything, and they just became a time-suck to enter.  Jaded, I know.  Then I won something!  And my prize, a great kitchen lamp, is just NOW being hung in my home (more on this later this week).  But I entered another blog giveaway last week at...

southern hospitality

... aaaannndd - I won!  =)  The giveaway is AWESOME.  Right now I'm working with Melanie at

who is designing a whole new look for my little bloggy blog! It's like a sparkly new dress for my humble slice of internet.  And a CUSTOM dress at that!  OOOOoooo  I'm excited! Can't wait to share it (and some BIG projects!) with you later this week.  Happy Wednesday, friends!

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