Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last week's blogging break brought to you by...

The BUSIEST week ever.  Sorry guys, this past week was cuh-razy!  Something had to give, so I took a wee break.  The good news is, that I now have some projects and actual things to share - yay!  But first off this week, a little celebration...

I reached my goal weight!!!  Yah-to-the-hoo! There's a bit of a story behind it, and it involves me being either very ridiculous, or very out of touch...

I had been trying to reach a BMI of 20.4, for my 5'3" height, that meant 115 pounds.  Starting at 143(*shame!!!*), it felt completely impossible, until last week when I was right at 123, and feeling AMAZING.  I'm serious here, I'm running several miles a day without tiring, eating healthy, losing inches and generally living healthy - it's fabulous, and I'm so glad that I've had the time to dedicate to this.  However...

After over 10+ days of busting my chops, eating healthy and trying my darndest - I wasn't losing anything.  This brings me to Sunday, when a friend of mine was talking about her height.  She mentioned she was 5'3" and I didn't know how that could be, since I'm 5'3" and taller than her.  People, I've thought I was 5'3" for YEARS.  So, after her encouragement, I went home and had Eric measure me.

I am 5'5"

This may not seem like a big deal, but I felt like doing the happy dance (which is awkward and not attractive).  Of course I can't lose any more weight!!  How excited was I to find that I'm already at my goal BMI?! Pretty friggin excited, for sure.  And also a little silly - how in the world did I spend the last few years thinking I was 2 inches shorter than I was??  Geesh.  Can you grow into your twenties???

So, now I enter the world of those trying to maintain their healthy weight.  Which, honestly is almost harder than losing.  Living by grace instead of by strict rules is so much more difficult.  Why is it so easy to be regimented and so hard for me to give myself a little leeway?  I hope I can do a good job - I don't want to lose the great fitness I've built up.

Thanks so much to all of you for reading these wordy posts, and encouraging me.  I couldn't have made this 22 pounds in 48 days journey without every single last word of encouragement.  You are all invited to Tempe to go running with me.  =)  Join me back here tomorrow to see my OH-MY-GOODNESS-I-SERIOUSLY-CANNOT-BELIEVE-MY-LUCK Goodwill find!  Have a happy Tuesday, friends!!

**Almost forgot today is Valentine's day!!  Eric and I don't put too much stock in this day, but we spend the evening together all the same.  Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day/Single's Awareness Day/Stuff Your Face Full of Chocolate Day!!**


  1. Too funny. I keep forgetting how old I am.

    Congrats on your goal weight and new healthy lifestyle!

  2. Haha this made me laugh...what a fun surprise that your taller AND you don't need to lose any weight! Yay! I'm with Michelle above, I keep forgetting how old I am! :) Congratulations on hitting your goal weight and just remember...everything in moderation. (My sister and I started putting our ice cream into tiny coffee mugs instead of the huge soup bowl we normally use...it's the little things!)
    Love your blog..newest follower!

  3. You know, you actually CAN grow into your 20's. Most bodies don't actually get over the growing hump until 25 or so. Or women may stop growing if they get pregnant before they their natural crest. So I've read. Somewhere. That means it must be true, right? I'm totally an expert on the subject now.

    Anywho, your blog is cute, and I like your writing style! It makes me smile.