Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm not dead! I'm.... Parisian?

Hi there!

So, I know I've been gone for about a million years, and I'm sorry about that (not really?).  After accepting my dream teaching job at a new school 2 years ago, taking up marathon-running, and just generally spending more time with my hubs (<- best choice ever!), I lost the time and energy for blogging.  I can't promise I'll be any kind of regular blogger like I once was, buuuuut, now I have a reason to be blogging again...

We are going on the trip of a lifetime to.... FRANCE!  (<- how many of you were wishing/hoping this would be a pregnancy announcement?  Haha sorry to disappoint #notreally)

Cue the thoughts of people wearing berets and the sounds of La Vie En Rose drifting through the air as we sip espresso in a cafe...

Truthfully, Eric and I have not been on more than a weekend trip by ourselves since.... OUR HONEYMOON.  While I love traveling with family and friends, this is needed. Big time. Starting next Saturday, we're going to be spending three weeks traveling in and around the whole country (while our sweet friends house and puppy sit) and spending a bit of time with friends who are abroad.  We're so excited, and I thought I'd use this here blog to post our pictures and stories as we go.  So, come along with us on a a once in a lifetime trip, and don't forget your beret! 

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