Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another installment of Puppies in Lovely Houses

So, I'm still not finished with my post about the Gala at the Met (sad face).  But we did capture this fun little video of Ted howling while I practice my violin:

~Click on me to watch Ted "sing"~

Did that make up for my lack of pretty dresses and fashion commentary?  No???  Well, why not? ;)  And yes, my husband DID upload a video of our dog on YouTube, you can now judge me.

Since I'm not quite done with the fashion post, and since we're on the subject of doggies already, I'm going to bring you another installment of my series "Puppies In Lovely Houses."  I knew you'd be excited, but please try to contain it to a reasonable level of insanity, especially if you're reading this at work.  Unless you'd like to share my blog, then please shout about it, by all means.  Off we go...

Holy cute.  This little guy HAS to be part Westie, and if you know me you KNOW how much I ADORE this breed.  I WILL  have a Westie one day.  It WILL happen.  For now, I'll dream about lying on this orange tufted fainting couch and snuggling with little man, here.

ANOTHER terrier?! And hanging chairs?!  What are these people trying to do to me??  I'm DYING of adorable.  This looks like a Norwich terrier, and the woven hanging chairs with the woolen seats are so unexpected.  I wonder how much it swings when this little guy jumps in?

It's officially Terrier day on my blog.  I can't get enough of their sweet little faces!  But Lord knows, you can't trust them by a counter.  Leave this one alone for two seconds and he'll have inhaled everything in the vicinity.  Also, love this butcher block island/counter.  I'm looking at making one for my kitchen soon (yet ANOTHER in-progress post...).

ANOTHER Westie!  Death by cute!  This space is super fresh and modern, without feeling cold (I find this difficult to accomplish with white walls, especially). The turquoise backsplash is rockin', and the Westie just adds to the cohesive feel of the room, don't you think?  Maybe this is how I'll justify another dog to Eric?

Actual puppy on the bench and a puppy pillow on the bed.  I. Want. To. Live. Here.  Or maybe just buy a puppy pillow to put on our bed, since I already have an actual puppy.

TWO puppies!  Double cute!  Don't you think dogs in pictures add to the feel that someone actually LIVES there? I definitely do.  I want my house to feel lived in.  I want there to be lots of comfortable seating available, and Teddy just makes (most) people feel even more at home.  Do you like doggies in your spaces or are you a "dogs belong outside" type of person?  I hope you're having a lovely day so far.  Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Awwww!! I'm so in love with those terriers! Hihi! Aside from these cuties, the houses look wonderful as well. Anyway, we actually have dogs at home, and it made our space extra special. =)