Monday, May 16, 2011

Cheater Before and Afters

So, I know I promised before and after pics of my table/lamps/any of my projects that I'm supposed to be finishing (sorry, Eric!).... but that would require that I actually worked on them this weekend.  Instead we spend Friday night with my grandparents celebrating Mother's Day, Saturday morning/afternoon with Eric's parents (Happy early Birthday, Diane!), Saturday night attending my school's production of Hamlet (AMAZING job, Amanda!), and Sunday morning/afternoon was split between church and a baby shower (great to see you Rachel!).  Whew.

By the time Sunday afternoon (prime project time!) rolled around, I desperately needed to get some work done in preparation for the last week of regular classes at school.  Here was my list of things that needed doing:

1. Complete Algebra Portfolio
2.  Complete Pre-Algebra Portfolio
(both of these ^^ have GIANT lists within themselves)
3.  Figure out what to do about our anniversary trip, as the resort we were headed to BURNED DOWN last week, and they're not offering full refunds?!?!? (wtf?!)
4.  Laundry (it NEVER ends)
5.  Write 2 forms of a test for my Algebra students (to be taken the following day)
6.  Write 2 forms of my Algebra final exam
7.  Write 6 forms of my Pre-Algebra final exam (two for each section I teach)
8.  Sleep at some point
9.  Fill in students names and current grades on their evaluation forms
10.  Finish details on my sister's grad gift (she's graduating from high school in 2 weeks. What?!?!)
11.  Finish planning the details of my mom's birthday trip to Disneyland
12.  Sell a desk and a chair on Craigslist
13.  Clean house
14.  Maintain sanity (or some semblance of it - at least enough to fake almost everyone)
15. Complete Semester evaluations for each of my students
16.  Train for summit of Long's Peak (in CO) hike
17.  Lose 5 lbs 

Did I mention that all but #16 and #17 have to be completed by June 1?  While I work 50 hrs a week?  Holy crap.  Fortunately, I think working on #16 will cause #17 to happen, so that's a nice bonus.  At any rate, I decided I needed to show you some sort of a before and after pic, since I promised one. 

Because I waited until the last possible moment have so much crap going on, I headed out to Target to buy a baby shower gift a mere 2 hours before needing to leave for the event.  I had my trusty friend, Meaghan with me to help me navigate the baby section (it frightens me).  I decided to grab a whole bunch of the smaller items in twos (Rachel is having TWIN BOYS!), and make little baskets out of them.  Several baby-chewy-thingies, washcloths, accessories, and two baskets later.... I came home with this....

And with a little time, raffia, scrapbook stuff, and TLC I turned it into this...

Cute, no?  But you can't really go wrong with adorable (and cheap!) organizing bins, baby stuff, and raffia.  Plus everything is cuter in twos...  Rachel, thanks for having twins and making it easy on me! =)  I hope today finds you well - hopefully I'll continue to be as productive this afternoon as I've been this morning (or more!). Happy Monday, friends!

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