Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pillow talk

After school on Monday, a teacher friend and I went to explore the Scottsdale Quarter, a swanky newish shopping center where they won't even let us into half of the stores.  We were disappointed by the lack of a selection at H&M, and Pottery Barn was LOVELY and OVERPRICED as always.  *Sigh*  However, West Elm has a location just down the way from Pottery Barn, and I wanted to do a bit of exploring.  I was overcome with decorating lust from the word "go."  Here are a few of the things I cannot live without and must have immediately admired:

I'd trim this beauty with nail-head and slop a gorgeous Ikat throw over the side, if it were mine...  Love.

Oh hey pretty rug, how have you been?

Mmmmmmm, gourd shaped table lamps with linen shades... Yummy!

But the most important thing about this trip to West Elm was the extremely nice saleslady who informed me that all of their pillows were 20% off.  WHAT?!  While I certainly can't justify spending $40 on a pillow (I KNOW this is a low price for most of you, but my budget is $0, so anything I spend comes out of our food budget.  Good thing I'm moderately talented in the kitchen ;)), their pillow inserts were also 20% off.  I got two large throw pillow inserts and one medium sized lumbar pillow insert for under $30!  Cue the happy dance (sales lady was freaked out, but whatev).

Now I just have to head on over to Tempe Sales (an industrial fabric house that sells to upholsterers and large clothing manufacturers) and pick up some of their 1-2 yard remnants!  This will have to wait til next grocery cycle, but I'm thinkin' I can have 3 GORGEOUS pillows with SEVERAL covers for under $50.  Boom.  Thanks West Elm!

I'm think I need to add in a few pops of bright green in my living room (color scheme is navy blue, tan, and creams/whites).  What do you think about a fabric similar to one of these?? 

Love me some Greek key...

This has some hints of blue in it as well...

Or perhaps something that incorporates both colors equally?

And even though I can't quite afford the pillow fabric yet, I'm soooo excited to get rolling with all of my projects this weekend from my Goodwill adventures last Sunday.  I promise some after pics on Monday - get excited!  Happy Thursday, friends!

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