Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Workin' it out

I'm working on a post that will be done (hopefully) today, about the best and worst dressed at the Met Gala last night (waaaaaay better than the Academy Awards red carpet!) But as I spent all of last night watching children (my students) at a music concert... and doing a little of this, myself...

And now my email in-box is full, and this is always what it feels like:

I have this subconscious fear that everyone who emails me is sitting by their computer counting the seconds until I answer.  Every moment I don't increases their disapproval, until they form an angry mob and unite against me.  See?  I told you.  I'm nuts.  That being said, I SWEAR I'll have the post done by tonight (I think).  It may have to wait til tomorrow (hope not!)?  Please forgive me, and have a happy Tuesday, friends!

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