Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pinning fool

Raise your hand - now say it out lough with me...

"My name is _________, and I am addicted to Pinterest."

I know you all know what its like to waste at LEAST 10 minutes (usually at least 60 minutes for me! *shame*) in front of that stupid awesome website and sometimes, (in my case usually "just" sometimes) it results in action.  This week I actually got up that stamina and courage to attempt two projects I had pinned...

Pin #1

I fell in love with this charming way to help a friend welcome a baby, and I made my own version.  Will share it tomorrow!

Pins #2 & 3


EQUALS knock your socks off fall cuteness.  Also can't wait to share this one... as soon as I finish scratching all of the hot glue off my hands.  Kidding... kind of. 

Stay tuned to see how my versions turned out and maybe you'll be motivated enough to start your own Pinterest-inspired project this week!  Happy Tuesday, friends!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Pinterest. I decided it was like a girl's version of fantasy football. My husband wasted all of Sunday on ff and I wasted it on Pinterest. Can't wait to see your projects!