Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wine Charms

While we were in Estes Park this summer at the YMCA, we had a chance to visit the arts and crafts center multiple times (go figure - me wanting to visit the arts and crafts center ;)), and my bother-in-law's girlfriend, Dawne, and I took to making wince charms from the ENDLESS supply of different beads.  We had so much fun and created several sets of personalized charms for our friends and family, and I thought I'd share one of the sets I made for our Uncle Joe and Aunt Joyce who live in Big Bear Lake, CA and made this amazing trip possible.  Since they have an uh-amazing cabin, we figued we'd give them some cabin-themed charms...

Aren't they fun?  It's a little hard to take pictures of wine charms, I discovered.  I hope you can see what they are.  From top left to right there's an acorn, a pinecone (personal fave!), a hiking boot and stick, a cabin, (next row!) a bear, a snowbarder turned the wrong way so he's pretty much mooning you in this photo, a moose (another personal fave!) and a pine tree.  I think they're just about the cutest things.  Dawne and I had such fun making them.  Do you miss crafting and DIY-ing so much while you're away that you have to indulge on vacation?  I know I do!!  I hope to share another project from that trip with you eventually, but that one goes with my plans for remodeling my front porch, which is currently low on the priority list.  You'll be sitting on that anticipation for a year or so ;)

I gotta run and take some more sweet pics of my chevron lazy susan...

 I'm going to be giving a personalized one away on my lovely friend Skinnie's blog, Skinnie Piggy, as part of her birthday week of amazingly awesome giveaways extravaganza-palooza! <- not actually what it's called, but I'm campaigning for it anyway ;)  Plan on hopping over in few weeks to participate if you'd like your own chevron lazy susan in any colors you choose =)  Happy Tuesday, friends!

PS - Today is the three year anniversary of the day I came home and told my parents I'd met the man I was going to marry.  I'd only known Eric for a few weeks, but I knew!  *sigh*  Love him!

**Anyone else humming "Today I met the boy I'm gonna marry," Father Of the Bride style?**

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