Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Knockin' down the walls (just kidding, we put new ones up)

Our bathroom reno started today with the removal of all the offending 4" white tiles, and installation of a real-person-sized hole that will someday be a shower!  Sorry for the lack of posts, but this is why... 

The purple is a fun touch, no?  Don't worry, it's just extra waterproof drywall made just for showers - not permanent, thank goodness =)  This is definitely making the bathroom feel a little tight, but for under $3000, being done within 7 days, having all of the tile replaced and a new shower in which you can actually shave your legs without having to be a contortionist is SO SO worth it.  I'm so happy that we chose to go with a contractor.  Is it costing us an extra $1000? Yes.  Was it so nice to come home and see so much progress and not have to say I did any of it?  Yes, yes, YES!  

Love me some DIY, but when it comes to plumbing, and tile that needs to last through what will probably be 20+ years of undergraduate renters changing out every 6 months, we called in the pros. It's worth it to have the lifetime guarantee on the work.   Any one else have any experience with contractors?  We're loving ours so far!  Does it make me a bad DIY blogger to call in a pro when I really probably could have done this myself (over the next 3 decades or so)??  I hope not.  

In other bathroom related news (this could sentence sounds like it could go to any number of terrible places), do you know what lives in my bathroom and has been extra good to me this week?  I'll give you a hint - it looks like this...

I'll be back tomorrow with a wee update - hopefully by tomorrow morning I'll have even more good scale news!  Be sure to leave me your thoughts on contractors.  I want to hear all the deets people, good and bad.  Have a happy Wednesday, friends!

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