Friday, January 20, 2012

Scale and bathroom update

I'm still going strong on my Fitbit weight loss regimen - it's getting harder, since I'm already inside my appropriate BMI range, but I'm committed to losing at least 10 more lbs.  Here's my stats for the week...

Weight as of yesterday morning (unable to weight myself this morning as the contractors showed up early): 132.2
Weight loss from last week: 1.2 lbs
Pounds lost so far: 9.2
Date by which I will arrive at 115 lbs: March 18.

There were two days this week that I couldn't hit my goal for mileage and activity, however, I've at least maintained my weight on those days. I'm pretty proud of an almost 10 lb loss =)  only 17 to go!!

In other news...  Our bathroom is really coming together...

This is the travertine we chose.  I know there are people out there who love them some travertine, but I really wanted white subway tile =(  Alas, travertine lasts longer and is more durable, especially for those someday renters down the road.  But, I must say, after seeing this color lot, it's growing on me.

Grout should start happening tomorrow!

See the triangle thingy in the corner??  It's going to be my new shower seat - yeehaw!  I looooooooovvvvee sitting under the hot water.  Our water bills are about to skyrocket.

My tub is still filled with tools, but not for long!  We are hearing that they will be done Monday (which means Tuesday or Wednesday - I grew up in a construction family and know how these things go ;))

Hooray for bath-taking!  How is it that I haven't thought about taking soak in a tub in months, yet the moment we rip it out, that's all I want to do.  *Sigh*  Anyway, I hope you all are well, and have a fantastic Friday, friends!    **Take a bath and enjoy it for me!!**


  1. Wow! I didn't realize you had so much going on with your bathroom renovation! That's awesome though - it's going to be so spa-like when you get done! =)