Thursday, January 26, 2012

Master bath is soooooo close!

Our master bathroom is almost almost almost almost done.... kind of.  Our contractor is finished (or thought he was) with everything but hanging the shower door, which he broke and is replacing.  However, upon closer inspection of the job, there are a few things I'm not quite happy with.  Commence my anal type A tendencies...  The new texture on the added wall doesn't match the existing texture, and the grout on the bottom of the shoer needs some serious buffing (it feels all gritty!), so Mr. Contractor will be coming back this week to go over my list with me, muahahaha!  All these experiences have got me thinking that I'll write a post about how to and how not to work with a contractor.  But I'll have to wait until we're actually done - hopefully soon!  Ok, enough words, here's what we're currently staring at when we open the master bath door....

Nice, eh?  I like how the new 18" travertine is jiving so well with the existing 12" porcelain tile.  My MAIN worry was that the old tile would look grey and the new business would be brown.  My bathroom would be committing the ultimate fashion foul: black and brown in the same outfit right next to each other!!!  **Some people can make this work. These people are alien fashion goddesses; do not attempt to imitate them**  But I'm so so pleased with this lot of stone, it all meshes perfectly.

I'm getting so excited for when we can finally say that we're DONE.  But before then there's still lots for me to do... like choose a paint color. *panic!*  Oh yeah - and PAINT the whole room.  One day at a time, April, one day at a time.  Hope y'all are having a great one - happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. I love black and brown together. But, it has to be very very intentional.

    Bathroom is looking good!