Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick Closet Fix

Time for my mini closet organization project.  I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I've seemed to collect quite a bit over the years, and I think I do a pretty good job of rotating it all around so that everything gets worn somewhat often.  That being said, it usually ends up like this in a pile in my closet...

No bueno.  I also may or may not have found my nice gold chain like this...

On the floor.  Whoops.  Time for a solution. Enter an empty wall of un-utilized space near our closet entrance...

*yes, those are my shoes stuffed unceremoniously into a generic shoe rack. I'm more Liz Lemmon that Carrie Bradshaw, sorry!*

And these AMAZING feats of engineering.  Seriously, the man who invented command hooks should be worshipped.

Plop a few on the dresser...

And a few more on the wall...

And presto!  No more mess!

It's awfully difficult to get a good shot off in a closet... at night.  Annoying.  I decided to go with the command hooks instead of something cuter (stenciled wall and knobs from anthro, anyone???), to see if I can actually stick to my "hang it up right away - no really, right now!" system.  If I can, then I'll have earned a nicer makeover.  Wish me luck!

In other news, can you BELIEVE that today is the LAST day in January?!  Where has the time gone??  The year is 1/12 over!  Sheesh.  Valentine's day is upon us, and after that... Easter!  Wowie.  Anyway, regardless of the date, I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday, friends!


  1. Don't you wonder sometimes why it takes so long to do stuff like this? I just organized my sock and underwear drawer and I feel like a new woman.

    I'm a fellow Liz Lemon. :)

  2. I just spent an hour organizing Kyle's desk. As a mac person I've never understood why there have to be 5 million cords coming out of a PC. Kyle still has 5 million cords coming out of his computer (okay, 20), but now they are all neatly tied together and tucked and hidden away behind his speakers. Who knew the wall wasn't black and white striped?

  3. Did you sneak into my house and photograph my jewelry for that first picture, by any chance? It looks a lot like my mess... :)

  4. I like the motivation! And I love how you organized it all!