Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cleaning up the blog

Now that my blog has a sassy new look, and since it's the season for organization, I'm cleaning up my sidebar today.  I've had a "To Do" list living there for some time, and I haven't updated it in ages.  I'm actually pretty pleased looking back at everything!  Here's a list of all I had plans to do and what I've done.  I've gone ahead and highlighted the "done" things in green, the "Woops, I completely forgot about/ignored these things"in red, and the "I'm workin' on it" things in blue.

  • Finish digging out pool - This is in progress, it's back breaking work!!  I'm too cheap to rent the right tools, but boy are we getting a great work out swinging those sledgehammers =)
  • Add pictures to frames - Nope.  Most of the picture frames in our home (and there are many) still have weirdo generic art in them.  Ugh.  It's so hard to decide which photos to print!
  • Declutter bedroom - It's been done a few times, but it just seems to keep piling up.  We have a friend who lives with us and so we essentially only have a one bedroom home with no office.  Thus the paper monster is intense around here.  That's one of my goals for this year... More to come on that later =)
  • Buy cushions for dining chairs - IKEA, baby!  They're not the most attractive, but at least our butts aren't sore anymore.
  • Install vent in guest bath - This still isn't done, but hasn't proven to really be a problem.  Perhaps I should outsource this one to Eric.  Cutting holes in the ceiling sounds like something he'd love.
  • Replace and paint pantry doors - This isn't done either (I'm not looking good here, am I??).  But I've begun pricing it out and gathering ideas, which is more than I had done before.
  • Buy new dishwasher - This is a big investment, hopefully it'll happen some day!
  • Buy new refrigerator - Another big investment, but I want this one more than the dishwasher.
  • Sew pillows - DONE!  If you missed it, check here, and here
  • Add trim to curtains - I decided against this one.  I like the curtains to hang out in the background (See what I did there?? "Hang" out?), rather than compete for the center of attention.
  • Hem curtains - Done!  Check out the journey here and here.
  • Hang curtain rods - Also done!  See the above curtain links =)
  • Spray paint wall sconces - I did this... and hated it.  I'm hoping to choose a better color as part of another upcoming project  *get excited!*
  • Paint pantry - done (twice, hee hee!) read about it here.
  • Paint laundry room - I'm being indecisive about this one. I may want to stencil one wall - but that sounds hard... so maybe not ;)
  • Remove popcorn ceiling - we're doing it!  Only 2 more rooms and hundreds of hours (ugh) left.  Read more here.
  • Paint living room - indecisive here too.  I have some colors in mind, but I also don't want to do anything until the ceilings are completed, as it would just ruin the paint job.
  • Paint family room and hall - these are the same color as the living room and I have the same reservations =(

It looks from this list like I haven't done much, but this post begs to differ!  The first big project I hope to conquer is our pantry doors, but you know how inspiration goes... Perhaps I'll find myself engrossed in a different project =)  For now here's some inspiration I'm gathering for my pantry doors...

Gorgeous, right?  I think I can make the whole thing happen for under $70 - stay tuned! Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. I love inspiration pictures! Those are all gorgeous! Good luck deciding on what to do for your pantry doors. I'm excited to see what you do! =)

  2. If you decide to go for chalkboard pantry doors, you might want to check out chalk pens. They do have a little trouble wiping completely off, but they are so much easier to write with than regular chalk! (I know, I'm a teacher, and I can't use chalk. Shameful.) We found ours on Amazon and even used them for wedding stuff. They give you a super crisp line.

  3. Hmmmmmm, whatever are you doing to do?????? ;)

  4. I love the back splash chalkboard over the stove! That is really cool. :)