Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I've been working on updock...

What's updock?  Not much, what's up with you ;)  Get it?  Teeheehee, but really what's been "up" with me is a whole crap ton of projects, that's what!  And I'm finally ready to share them with blogland.  It's been my goal in the last few months to slowly switch over the color scheme in our home from browns, and cranberries, to blues and greens and whites.  *aaaaaah beach tones....*  To tie it all up in a nice pretty package for you, here are the projects we tackled either this weekend or in the preceding week:
  • sewed 10 pillows in 6 different fabrics
  • hemmed (removed 17 inches!!) 6 curtain panels 
  • ended up winning the war against the bobbin (booyah!)
  • hung two curtain rods
  • channeled my inner Martha and created decorations for a baby shower entirely by hand
  • spray painted one lamp
  • found a coffee table by the side of the road (Free! Score! Win!) and brought it home
  • cooked two new yummies from scratch
  • replaced the weather stripping on two doors
Whew!   I'm tired just looking at my list.  Seriously, I'm still recovering.  I'll share a few of them with you today, mainly the curtains and the pillows, and the rest will be coming later in the week. So, here we go!

Before this weekend, my little couch was all neked (so much more fun when you say it like that!), as was the window behind him.  Now, he looks all gussied up...

Isn't he cute in his Sunday clothes?!  For real, I'm LOVING the new colors.  that lamp will be changing soon, and coffee table is going to be painted, but one step at a time, April, one step at a time...

Here's a view with the full curtain effect...

Our room is loooong and narrow.  You can see the edge of our front door in this picture, and the third wall in this room is directly on the other side of that door.  Our room is seriously 13 feet wide and 30 feet long (read: IMPOSSIBLE to furnish), so we hung the curtain rod extra high to give the ceiling some extra height, and add some drama to the wall to give it the illusion of being wider.  The wall color will be changing soon (relative term), so the curtains should "pop" a bit more without "screaming,"  like their cranberry cousins in the dining room (who also disappeared this weekend - I'll show you that tomorrow!).  Who knows, maybe when I work up some more confidence I'll brave the bobbin again and sew on some nifty trim?

Our chaise lounge got some pillow love too...

Again, he'll "pop" more too, once the wall color doesn't match him... PERFECTLY.  Those two skinny pillows behind the blue beauty have big plans awaiting them.  I think it may be a completely original idea (are there really any of those left?) , so I'm keeping it to myself for now.  But get excited.

One thing is for certain, I have two very big fans of my adventures in pillow making...

Oh, Sunday afternoons, you are good to us!  Ted has claimed his busybody spot...

"Don't mind me, I'm just creepin' on the whole neighborhood, mom."

The reading nook got some pillow love, as well a a few decorations for the baby shower (consider this a teaser for Wednesday's post)...

Ted has demon eyes!  And notice the picture frames on the wall that are picture-less?  Yeah, I'm good with details like that.  It was totally on purpose.  I certainly didn't put them up 3 months ago and then forget... (ormaybeIdidandIfeelsuperrediculous)

One thing is for sure, I'm SUPER loving my couch/curtain makeover right now!  Here's another pic, in case you forgot (and b/c I'm proud of my pillows, but mostly b/c you WANTED to see another picture)...

*Sigh*  Doesn't it look so inviting and friendly?  Now you all have to come over so we can sip some (iced) coffee and catch up.  Who's up for a trip to AZ?  It was only 110 here today, not bad ;)

And since I am completely in LOVE with YoungHouseLove and any/everything John and Sherry touch (stalker much? lol), I'm taking part in their...

Today!  I'll be linking up my pillows, as the blue ones were inspired by this here pin...

And my version is this beauty and it's two twin sisters...

Not an exact match, but mine cost about $12 per pillow and WestElm is about $35.  It's deal central up in here!  And as I start to wrap up this LONG post, I'll give you a sneak peek at what I started on last night...

Oooh, I think it looks like something out of a biology text book!  I'll share the full details with you soon!  In the meantime, have you ever completely changed the color scheme in your home?  Ever had a breakthrough moment when everything in one space seemed to come together?  Are you linking up to YoungHouseLove today?  Have you ever worked on a project that in any way resembled a picture in a bio text book?  ;)  Please do share!  I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday, friends!

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  1. April! Your pillows are so much fun and bring a great dose of color to your living room! I love 'em.

  2. Gorgeous! I'm crazy about that navy blue/green combo you have going on!

  3. Beautiful pillows! When I was out getting supplies for my Pinterest Project I picked up some fabric to sew some pillows - do you have a tutorial you followed? Did you use stuffing or pillow forms?

  4. The pillows are fantastic and I'm super impressed with your bobbin-battling abilities...you got skillz. Yeah, it's more fun when you say it that way (c; And the new curtains, too??? You were one busy little bee this weekend! It paid off, it looks amazing!

  5. Those pillows look lovely! Green and navy are my logo colors so I always love seeing them in use! :) And your pup is just too adorable, he's King of Pillow Mountain just like my dog!

  6. Thanks for the love, guys! To answer your question, sweethomeminneapolis... I don't have a tutorial, I guess I just measured my old frumpy pillows, pinned, cut, fought with the bobbin, and sewed. And I never use stuffing. Despite the fact that it's more expensive and my mom SWEARS they get mites - I ALWAYS use feather inserts. They lie better and last longer (my opinion, of course =)). If you have a commercial grade fabric store in your area, they usually sell them at close to cost in a variety of sizes. I buy mine at "______ Sales," Where (blank) is the name of the city you live in. They're usually named like this, so try googling one in your city =) Hope this helps!

  7. I really like the pillows! Nice job!! I'm a new follower, thanks for linking up to Roomspiration :)