Monday, July 25, 2011

weekend happenings

This is how my weekend started - looks exciting, huh?

I know, I know - you're jealous of my life ;)  Eric left town for business on Thursday afternoon, and I thought I'd try to paint the back shelves of my pantry like the pinterest picture I posted here.  I was going for a creamy yellow look, something that would brighten up the sadness that was my white pantry.  I chose a yellow by Martha Stewart at Home Depot and hurried home to get painting so I could surprise Eric.

After a few hours of prepping and painting (and a bit of stenciling- trying something new!), I had this...

Holy burned corneas!  I could hardly stand to look at it, it was so YELLOW!  Ugh.  I gave up and admitted my color-choice defeat.  I headed to Sherwin Williams on Friday morning (after giving blood-more on this later) for some advice from a professional.  A very nice young man who noticed that I was unmarried (forgot my wedding ring after painting all Thursday!) and then got very embarrassed when I told him that I was taken, advised my choice of "Cottage Cream."  He said that if I only wanted to do one coat and let the crazy yellow shine through a bit that it might have the effect I originally intended.  So, I started repainting...

Muuuuuuch better.  I like its softness and how it doesn't attract too much attention.  It just adds a little something extra to the space.  I'm satisfied.  Oh!  I mentioned I gave blood earlier that day... DO NOT give blood, forget to eat or drink anything for a few hours and then attempt to paint a pantry.  Especially if your pantry painting involves you having to wedge yourself into tight, humid spaces.  It is almost certainly a recipe for passing out.  I made it out unharmed, luckily -I'm just dumb like that sometimes  =)

Eric was pleasantly surprised when I showed him the pantry - he liked my re-thought color choice and was only mildly annoyed that I'd paid for crazy yellow paint I can't use in the foreseeable future.

Only a slight difference, but one I like.  So, what did all of you do with your weekends?  I'm hoping to get some serious projects done this week.  Namely hemming my drapes, and sewing my pillows.  You also might notice that I've added a "to do" list of sorts to the left sidebar of my little bloggity blog.  I'm hoping it helps keep me focused on things I need to get done around here.  They're somewhat arranged in order of importance, but it's a "loose" organization.

I can't wait to read about all of your weekends.  I'm listening to the rain here (finally, monsoon season turns into something!), and LOVING it.  I know I'll pay for it tomorrow with the humidity, but it's worth it to hear the tapping of the rain on our roof.  *sigh*  Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Um, I think I actually *liked* the bright yellow...I mean hey, it's just the back of the pantry with minimal exposure, right? What's a little retinal damage? (c: And I'm loving the "to do" list on the sidebar...good motivation right? Looking good, pantry, looking good!

    P.S. I was *overjoyed* that it was raining yesterday night...and then I realized it doesn't actually cool off...AT ALL. (c:

  2. Looks nice! I think the previous yellow was a bit... road sign yellow?? :) I have the hardest time with paint colors too, they turn crazy on me!

    And do you have a metal roof? We had one growing up and rainstorms were so soothing to sleep with.

  3. I really didn't mind the first yellow..but I understand sometimes look a little different in pictures than in person!

    The pantry is looking good.......and so is Ted. Ike's cousin is a Wheaten. He's the funniest dog...not the smartest...but sweet! Ike gets annoyed with him for being so energetic!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement guys. The yellow did look good, just not great against the green on my kitchen walls, which I'm very attached to. Elz, I don't have a tin roof, but our roof is so junky it might as well be. ;) It was storming pretty good outside last night, so we could really hear the rain! Michelle, Wheatens are sweet, but not the brightest - Ted is living proof ;)