Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest posting at Decor and the Dog

Hello friends!  Today I am honored to be guest posting over at Michelle's blog, Decor and the Dog.  Michelle is an avid DIY-er (check out her addition of bead board to her kitchen island, or her West Elm headboard knock-off) and pharmacist who, along with her husband (of course) and her sweet dog, Ike, has built not one but TWO homes!  Head on over to see my post on my favorite project, my kitchen remodel.  Speaking of which, I was on Zillow last night and happened to find a picture of our kitchen and how it looked on the day that we moved in...

W-O-W, wow.  It certainly has changed since then!  Head on over to Decor and the Dog to see just how much!   And while you're there, check out the rest of her blog.  She's talented, funny, and Ike is about as cute as can be.  Enjoy!  And happy Thursday, friends!


  1. I love a good before/after!! Heading over to check it out...

  2. WOW is right! What a huge space, too!! I'm planning to start my first project of kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia in a few weeks, so I'm gathering as many ideas as is my therapy, and the kitchen is my favorite room in the house, so I need to settle on the perfect plan! Thanks for the link - I can't wait to map out my new kitchen! :)

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