Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A House of Logs

Did anyone else really enjoy the Laura Ingalls Wilder books growing up?  Being up here in Estes Park, I can almost hear Pa chopping trees to build into a sturdy little cabin to shut out the cool night air...  Everywhere I look there are picturesque little cabins, with wood stoves and smoke drifting from the chimney pipe.  *sigh* How romantic!  So you can share in my relaxation and joy, here are a few inspiring log cabins for your viewing pleasure...

So, it's a painting, so what?  You can imagine...  A cute little porch abutting a stream... nice and quiet... plenty of sunshine.  Perfection.

Yes please.  I'll take two.

Nestled right up into a tree.  My kind of house!

Who's ready to be my reading buddy on that little dock??  I love how secluded and quiet it looks.  Not even the lake is making noise. 

I can never decide which I love more, the beach or the mountains.  Every time I visit either, I swear I love more whichever one I'm visiting.  Right now I'm ready to buy real estate in the mountains.  Where do I sign??  Happy Wednesday, friends!

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