Friday, July 1, 2011

July? Already?!

Well, today is the day we take off again for another vacation!  This is actually the main trip of the summer - Eric didn't get to come to Disneyland, and our anniversary trip was just a weekend getaway (despite the 14 hours of driving...).  We're headed off to Estes Park, CO, and what a wonderful time we'll have, I'm sure! 

While we're there, each couple will be cooking one big meal for the entire party so no one get stuck being the "family cook."  I've planned to make these...

Flank Steak pinwheels with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese.  *drooling*  I'll serve it with whatever veggie Costco is stocking in spades, and maybe some good crusty bread.  Oh, I can hardly wait!  I'm also altering my dessert plans to make the Peach Galette recipe featured today over at Centsational Girl.  You MUST go see it!  This is what the final product will (hopefully) look like...

Can you say, "most delicious meal ever?"  Wow, I can't wait to eat!  Wish us safety as we travel to Tucson before heading out to CO tomorrow - lots of crazies on the road this weekend! 

Whatever you're doing this holiday weekend, I hope you're celebrating with friends, family and those you adore.  Happy Friday (and July 1, can you believe it?!), friends!!

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