Monday, August 8, 2011

Hip-hip-hooray! (x3)

Sometimes you run across a blogger or an individual post that makes you want to give the gal in charge three cheers for being so awesome.  I recently discovered Lauren from Pure Style Home (why yes, I HAVE been living under a rock, thank you for asking), and I seriously love every post the woman does.  Enough about my girl crush, though...

Her post this morning really hit home with me.  I don't know if it's Phoenix and the surrounding area, but the design trends around here are just... not me (<- me re-thinking my words and trying to be more kind).  She's written a post about being kid friendly, pet friendly, and still chic - and I think it's pure genius. 

*Disclaimer* She lists a few pet peeves that I am so completely on board with I want to grab an oar and start rowing.  However, as she mentions, almost all of us (myself included) has made one of these "poor" (<-opinion alert!  Feel free to think differently!) design choices in the past, and she's trying to keep that from happening to the rest of the masses.  Please don't be offended if you love something she or I don't.  This world is big enough for tufted-back tweed sofas AND microfiber =)

That being said, if I were to give you any design advice today, it would be this: Please avoid the following things when you are shopping:

I must say I agree wholeheartedly with her "peeves," and her tips for success are completely brilliant and equally cheap as those big box living room sets (*shudder*).  Great design can be done on a budget (and not the $10,000-couch-I-scored-for-$4000 kind of "cheap," because that business isn't really cheap).  And I'd like to think my home, while still changing and growing, is living proof.  Enough patience, some good sources, and being willing to DIY can get you an amazing space on the cheap.  I promise - cross my heart and hope to dye (teeheehee, get it?). 

Wouldn't you rather live in this living room...  (<-another opinion alert!)

Than this one?

I promise you can do both on the same budget (given enough time), and they are equally kid and pet friendly.  So, pop on over to Lauren's blog and read her post here (while you're there, browse her blog and see if you don't fall in love with her right away!).  And please promise not to hate me if you happen to be the world's biggest fan of all things overstuffed and made of microfiber.  I'm all about living in a space you love, and if you love you some wrought iron lamps and Tuscan art, then more power to ya! =)  Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Great post! I'm so guilty of almost all of these. The shame. Thank goodness I found blogs...of course my husband thinks otherwise. :P

  2. I absolutely love Lauren, she is pure genius...and I'm pretty sure I'm on board with pretty much all of those peeves! My design stand point has changed CONSIDERABLY since becoming acquainted with the blogging world...Thank heavens!!!