Thursday, August 4, 2011

time for a snooze

Maybe it's just because Eric has been gone on business all week (coming home today!)  and I've been staring blankly at our bedroom walls trying to fall asleep, but I've noticed something: our bedroom sucks.  It's filled with JUNK, and is the only room in the house which we haven't recently organized or spent any time/$$ on, and it shows.  Big time.  We have white walls (not a bad thing in and of themselves!), a matchy bed set, a rug with stains on it (inherited this way - stained rugs are NOT my thing.  Go figure...), and files all over everywhere.  It's not soothing, and it's embarrassing.

That being said, I'm not rushing into ANYTHING with this space.  I want it, more than any other room, to be perfect.  It's Eric's and my space that we don't share with anyone else (except Ted, obviously), and we are so jealous of our time together, it needs to suit us to a "t."  I think this is why I've been too intimidated to start anything: I don't want to do anything I won't absolutely love.  I'm just beginning to gather inspiration and begin planning.  Thanks to my Pinterest addiction, I've come across some inspiring spaces...

Soothing colors and white wood are so bedroom friendly.  However, my set is cherry, and would look a little strange with the same bedding.  One thing is for sure, I wouldn't say "no" to that sunburst mirror.  Yum.

Pretty sure I've posted about my love for this bedroom before.  It's so cohesive, I think that's what I love - I know it's not the yellow...  I find yellow to be one of the least relaxing colors for me.  It's a great color and I have some in my home, just not in Napville (i.e. the bedroom).

EVERYTHING about this is incredible.  The monochromatic color scheme is so classy, but not boring.  The textured wall covering makes me want to rub my face fingers all over it, and just say "yes" to bathroom barn doors.  Sign my name on the dotted line, I'm movin' in!

Curtains behind the bed are so awesome.  This may actually be a tactic I use in our space, considering we have one oddly-shaped and off center window near the bed.  Hmmmm, now the wheels are a-turnin'...  P.S. The upholstered headboard is to DIE for. 

I would describe this look as classy, but unfinished.  I like the bones of the space: window framing, color scheme, bedding, chair, etc.  But it needs something.  Make that window a bay, and throw in a window seat and load of pillows.  That's what it needs!  That or a rockin' statement rug between the chest and the foot of the bed/bench.  Yep - done and done.

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite.  It's cheery, the colors translate well from seaon to season, there's some patterns involved, natural wood (like mine!), comfy seating, AWESOME lamps.... I want to model our room after this one.  Now all I need is.... everything. :-/  This will have to be a work in progress, I guess.  Eric will, of course, have to sign off on everything too.  This one will take a while ladies and gentlemen.  Buckle up. 

What's inspiring you lately?  Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am?  I hope you're having a completely fab Thursday, friends!


  1. I can relate to your bedroom issues. My room is a catchall right now, its an absolute horror. Unfortunately right now its last on the redo train. I love your inspiration pics and yes I'm totally addicted to pinterest.

  2. We are in exactly the same place too! Our bedroom is the last room in the house to get any attention and it's currently TRAGIC. Just last night I decided on a design direction and was going full speed ahead and excited until I read your comments about not doing anything in the bedroom that's not PERFECT, so I just had a minor freak-out moment of questioning whether my choices are perfect enough. Thanks for that. :) Haha. Loved your inspiration shots!

  3. Great inspiration photos! Master bedrooms are hard...because you want them to be just right. Ours is definitely still a work in progress!! Excited to see what you do!

  4. I LOVE the second, third, and last images. So soothing and home-y. Those beds just make me want to sink into them. I'd never seen the second and last picture before either! I pinned them :)