Saturday, August 27, 2011

tweaks... and an IKEA disappointment

If you're stopping by this weekend, you might notice some "tweaks" going on - I'm in the process of redesigning my blog with some SERIOUS tutoring from Michelle over at Decor and The Dog.  A special thanks to all who gave me blog layout suggestions - I so appreciate your input!  So, while I'm in transition, please forgive me if some things disappear and reappear in other places, or if a link gets lost, or the whole thing explodes in a puff of purple smoke, etc.  Hopefully soon I'll have a fresh new look, cue the excited squeal! 

In other news, I thought I had found the solution to my small kitchen counter top space woes in the form of an island from IKEA.  I was SUPER excited to go look at it and then text Eric a picture to see what he thought of it (the internet picture is garbage).  After I sent him the picture, he called me immediately to say "Buy it now!"  Every woman's dream, right?!  I was so super excited, look at how nice it is! (excuse the blurry phone pics)

It has storage space, room for bar-stools, matches my white cabinets and butcher block counters perfectly,  and is the right price for only $380.  It WOULD'VE been awesome.  Except that it is out of stock.  Everywhere.  Well, almost everywhere... If you live in Palo Alto, CA then by all means, head on over to your neighborhood IKEA and buy it (and-then-ship-it-to-me-immediately!).  But the rest of us are stuck. =(  The good news is that it is not being discontinued, as I originally thought, but rather so popular that it sold out almost immediately.  I'm on a waiting list to be notified as soon as it arrives in the store (hopefully between Sept 6-10 according to the website?).  I wasn't even expecting to come home with it tonight because I wasn't sure Eric would like it.  But then I got myself all excited and now I feel jipped.  =(

However, I am so super excited to bring it home (and make Eric put it together) within the next month!!  What do you think of Ikea furniture?  Love it or hate it?  How do you feel about this or other islands you've seen of theirs?  I can still back out if you'd like to share any IKEA island horror stories!  Happy Saturday evening, friends!

** And to my friends on the East coast, stay safe and dry!! **


  1. Aptil! Love that island! We're super close to Palo Alto, would totally ship one down if we could ;) have you read the blog Little Green Notebook? I'm certain you will get lost in a DIY trance like I did :) happy weekend!

  2. I think that island rocks and I hope you love it and use it well in your kitchen. Jealous that you have space for it!

    If I could figure out a way to ship it too you, I'd drive over to Palo Alto and snag that sucker!

  3. love it!!!!! bought IT!!! putting it together this weekend i am so anxious to see it in my kitchen and i hope it will bot be a disappointment after i see it together NOT!!!!! i know it will look AWSOME!!! i have it in black YEA!!!!