Thursday, August 25, 2011

new skillz

Free photo editing software is a beautiful thing!  Check out my "after" photo of my mint side table before editing...

Holy yellow!  Is my house really that mustard-y colored?!  And here's the photo after a little editing...

Yeehaw!  Now THAT'S true to life color.  It really is that "electric" in person, and I love it! 

How about this photo of Mr. Tedlington Bear before...

And after...

Who wouldn't want to make puppy pictures all the more "aaaaawww!"-worthy? =)  I'm enjoying Picasa right now, but could see myself wanting to make the transition to a more advanced program down the line.  If you're a photo editor, what's your program of choice?  I'd love to know!  For now, I'm getting back to Picasa - I'm addicted, for sure!  Happy Thursday, friends!  (It's nearly Friday!)

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  1. Ted is so darn cute!

    I also really like It's like Photoshop for Dummies...which would probably explain why I'm a fan. :P And it's free!

  2. Love it! Great design. My photos always look "jaundiced," too - but I'm lazy and refused to use a real camera. I only use my phone! A real camera is on the wish list this year!

  3. Stopping in as we are neighbors at BNOTP - your table is so cute and well done - Congrats!

  4. Great tip. Thanks for linking up!

  5. thanks for the tip!!! I would love you to link up at Tell me Tuesday!!!

  6. Thanks everyone! And I liked up to your party, Ashley - thanks for the invite! =D

  7. thanks for linkin up girl!!! your the best