Monday, June 6, 2011

Pillows, and lamps, and puppies, Oh My!

Last week I outlined a few projects I've been putting off until summer.  I know for a lot of bloggers out there (especially those with school aged children), that the summer is probably their time of less productivity.  But without kids of my own, and on my summer break (yay for teaching jobs!), this is the time when I really get my stuff done.  Last summer I turned our kitchen from this:


To this!

Progress sure feels good.  Check here for the full story and the remainder of items we are still working on.

This weekend I got moving on a few of the projects I needed to complete.  I have 8 pillows to recover - that's right, EIGHT.  I found a few coupons to JoAnn's Fabric (wahoo!), and since they're currently having a "quilt stocking up sale" (who quilts over the summer??  Isn't it too hot be under a blanket??), fabric was running CHEAP!  I got a few lovely patterns in my blue/green color scheme to recover my pillows:

 This one has such amazing texture - I wish my camera didn't stink at taking pictures!  MUST invest in a new one this year.  I've been eying this fabric for over a year; and at $20/yard, I'm glad I waited for a coupon and a sale!

Doesn't this look like this West Elm rug?!  I thought it was stunning(the fabric AND the rug, but only one came home with me, sadly).  

Now for the greens:
This is actually an outdoor fabric.  It's a little stiff, but it's for some larger "pouf-like" 30x30-ish pillows that end up more as floor seating than furniture decorations on any given day. 

And this I absolutely ADORE.  The white is much truer in person, and the green tones are so bright and eye catching!  I'm hoping to have the pillows completed by the end of the week to show you.  They're going to be adorable - get excited(I am)!

And remember this sneak peak I gave you on Saturday??  Here's the progress I've made so far...

As you can see, the bones of the gold frame are AMAZING, and its original color isn't bad, but it doesn't go with my home, and it's chipping away in places.  Not to mention that the corner had a pretty sizable crack that needed to be super glued (hooray for more Gorilla Glue!), and then filled with wood putty so as to cover the crack that was still a bit visible.  So, here we come, spray paint!

After a bit of primer (just in case) and a few coats of Krylon, I'm left with this:

Hello, gorgeous!  Again, my camera is terrible, and the mirror is a bit dirty from my moving it about constantly, but it DOES look lovely.  Can you believe I scored this beauty (it's about 3 feet by 2 feet) at a Goodwill on half price day for only $12.50?!  I got down on my knees when I found it (figuratively, of course, Goodwills aren't always the cleanest places...).  I know its a quality piece because it's nearly impossible for me to lift.  I've always hear that's the mark of a really good mirror - weight.  Am I wrong on this?  Someone please correct me if I am.  Aaaanyway, I hope to hang it in its new home before the week is out, and I'll be sure to post about it!

As for the lamps mentioned here, I made some AMAZING progress with them over the weekend too!  Here's a sneak peek:

All primed and ready!  Can you see that tippy halo?  Here I come, more Gorilla Glue! I got it all sorted in the end.

Here's a quick look at how the bases looked after pray paint.  And my very tired hand, stuck in "spray paint mode."  

Tomorrow I'll bring you the full lamp reveal, shades and all - even though I'm still deciding if I like the shades, and haven't yet taken off the plastic.  I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine; happily, it wasn't all hard work and projects.  Eric and I took great advantage of our reading nook, and new side table, and I taught him how to play Casino, and Double Solitaire.  He beat me soundly at each of them several times, punk!  We also took our little Ted on a few evening walks.  If this isn't the face of a happy pooch...

I don't know what is!  He loves to rest behind his favorite chair.. what a cute little weirdo!  Teddy was also recently named the winner of a $50 PetSmart giftcard from the wonderfully lovely blog, Decor and The Dog.  He is excited to receive it in the mail shortly, and asked me if I would post about his new purchases(and who could say "no" to that face?)  For now, mosey on over to Decor and The Dog, and see what Michelle, Nate, and Ike(an adorable Wire Fox Terrier) are up to...

With that, I've got to get back to my projects (and Spin Class - like it or not, bathing suit weather has certainly arrived in AZ!).  So, happy Monday, friends!


  1. 1. I love your fabric choices!! Especially the blues.
    2. Your mirror is so darn pretty.
    3. I'm glad Teddy is pumped about his gift card!! Ike highly recommends a Wubba! :) (They did contact you for your info right??)

  2. Thanks for the tip on Joann's- I am planning to re-cover some pillows too!

  3. i love the mirror! it is so glamorous and so pretty!