Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Curtain Lust

Today I am giving a test in every class; sad day for the students, but an easy day for me!  Tomorrow I will being grading the tests... Great day for the students, sad day for me!  Isn't it funny how that works?  =)

Lately I've been thinking of how to brighten up my family/living room, and I think my solution for now is new drapes.  I'll be re-painting in a few months, but spring is coming on and I'm CRAVING the natural light (my dark brown walls and cranberry curtains are KILLING me right now!).  I've been searching for curtain styles that "go" with my room, and aren't too pricey, and I think I've found my solution - sew my own!  I've been sewing since childhood (on summer, my mom and I made an entire wardrobe for me out of remnant fabric!), so I'm up for the challenge, but now I'm trying to choose fabrics...  I've found a few pictures that I'm using as inspiration for my project:

via Young House Love

via A Thoughtful Place

I am fairly certain that both of the wonderfully talented ladies behind these blogs sewed their curtains.  I LOVE the look that the stripes bring to the room.  However, I'm trying to decide whether to go with smaller stripes or wider ones?  I know I love the two-tone tan on cream color scheme, and I particularly love the top picture as my furnishings and wall art are very similar to hers.  I think I'm partial to wider stripes, but what do you think??

As soon as I begin, I'll be sure to take some "before and afters," (hopefully I can make sure they're all in focus, unlike my kitchen remodel photos!) and maybe even post a tutorial on how to sew your own striped curtains (if I do a good job!!).

And did I mention our reading nook is getting a mini-makeover this week/weekend?  I'm collecting my before, during and after photos for you~get excited!  =)

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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