Friday, March 4, 2011


We were supposed to celebrate Eric's birthday with friends tonight... But my body decided to get the flu instead. My temp topped out at 103 yesterday, and while I've been running at a nice healthy 98 since 10PM last night, I feel live I've been hit by one of these:

That's right, a bus. And not one of those wimpy little school buses either, a big-momma, double-decker BUS. It's been nice to get some rest today (I've only left my bed a total of 4 times, and I've slept most of the day... but I missed this, so I HAD to blog).

But I wish I could make myself well enough to go tonight; I will miss being with our dear friends at one of our favorite places here: Four Peaks Brewery. They have the most fantabulous (<- not a word, but it should be) hand crafted beer, and the food is to die for. Case in point?

Holy YUM. Yes, it's roughly 2.4 gabazillion (<-also not a word but should be) calories, and usually takes me 3.79 years of running to work off, but it so TOTALLY worth it. And I'll own up to this right here and now. I don't split that plate. I eat it. All of it. In one sitting. (and then I get heartburn) But seriously worth it. Granted, I NEVER (almost) eat like this otherwise, I do not want to die young... but once in a while indulgence is soooo gooood. And I'd planned on it tonight, but alas, I'd rather not pass along my oh-so-fun sickness to others. So my sweet hubby and I shall have to celebrate a little at home. Maybe take out? Watch a movie? I'd want to watch this one:

But Eric will probably want to watch something like this:

I guess I'll let the birthday boy choose =) And now I must sleep again, because even this weenie excuse for a post has me exhausted. I hope your Friday has been wonderful... go out and celebrate for me! Happy Friday, friends!

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