Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gearing up!

Well, my life is about to get cuh-rae-zee! Students are gearing up for mid-terms, and I'm gearing up for all of the quarter evaluations I'll have to complete for them! I wish I had more time do do a more detailed post, but alas, life happens. =) For today, I'll post a few rooms that are inspirational to me, and maybe a little something extra!

via Elle Decor
I've gotten back into cooking more homemade meals lately (hooray!) and wouldn't I just DIE for a butlers pantry like this? The answer is yes. Although, lets be real, I could NOT keep cake and biscotti just lying around like that... Well hello, spare tire!

via Elle Decor
I've ALWAYS wanted a farmhouse sink like this. And that pretty green view? Well lets just say I don't have the privilege of staring at anything half so nice when I'm doing the dishes! Also, I'm loving the choice of having two over-the-sink lights, it's a unique touch.

With all my cooking, I can't help but think about WHERE I'd like to eat these meals, and this dining room sounds perfect to me! I love the idea of having a love seat as a dining bench. And when they make it so cute and irresistible (read: it has a wing back?!), I just can't say no.

via Domino
I'd also settle for(read: jump for joy at the though of) eating outside on this dock, don't you think?? Maybe a canoe ride on the lake after? *sigh*

via Elle Decor
Or maybe here? This could be my back yard some day, right? I love Love LOVE the set of lanterns above the table, and the slatted-wood chairs make the whole thing look vintage, yet livable. Now I just need to live in a place where things actually grow outside. ;)

And finally, as if this post hasn't been silly and random enough... I'm not loving my outfit today. I know, I know, it's a total girl moment. Buuuut, if I could be wearing anything, I think it would be this:
via Polyvore
Can you tell I'm ready for some spring color?? And a little Simon and Garfunkel sound like just the relaxing soundtrack my life needs right about now =) Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Love this blog! What beautiful spaces! Thank you for sharing - they were perfect to see on this dreary Pacific Northwest morning.

  2. Thanks for the blog love! I'll trade you your dreary Pacific Northwest morning for a summer afternoon here in August ;)