Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Round-Up

What a WONDERFUL weekend!  On Friday evening, Eric and I had dinner with a dear friend at Casey Moore's Oyster house.  It's an adorable little place in a historical neighborhood; it has absolutely FABULOUS food, and they keep the *beverages* a-comin'!

We sat upstairs and looked out over our neighborhood (did I mention we live nearby?  Within walking distance? LOVE) through a stained glass window in the arts and crafts styled dining room... Good food, great company... It was a wonderful kickoff to the weekend!

Saturday was a CLEANING extravaganza!  I cleaned EVERYTHING, but mainly my kitchen so I could finally show you the before and after pics of my kitchen remodel!  As much as I dislike cleaning, it was worth it to really relish my kitchen this weekend~I love it!

Sunday was AWESOME.  We had been trying to go to the Tempe Festival for the Arts since Friday evening, and I finally threw all of my previous plans out the window to attend... and what a great decision it was!  We rode our bikes downtown (less than 1 mile), and walked through the streets for a few hours (temp: ~75 degrees.  Perfect!).  We sampled everything from Kettle Corn to rum-flavored caramel; we ate yaki soba noodles and listened to jazz; we saw people of all shapes and sizes, including a man on stilts!  Here's a view from the landing were we ate lunch...

Sometimes I can't believe I live where I do~there's always something to see or do, and lately the weather has been so lovely that I've been unable to resist attending everything.  After returning from the festival, myself and a friend of mine hopped on my vintage tandem bicycle (it's a family heirloom - you can be jealous) and took a tour of the world's best university, Arizona State!  She'd never seen the campus, so we went on a biking tour... and I highly recommend biking the campus as opposed to walking~it's ginormous!  Later yesterday evening, Eric and I sat down to finally use the fabulous $45 to CSNstores that I won on my friend's lovely blog (pop over and check her out, if you have a moment!).  We were looking for an over-the-sink lighting option for our kitchen, and we chose this pendant lamp:

I think it will mesh well with the colors of our kitchen and the stainless appliances.  It's going to go right here above the sink...

All we'll need to do then is replace the dishwasher with a stainless model... and remove the fluorescent, 70's lighting... and finish the window treatments... and... =)  Oh, the joys of an older home!

We finished off the weekend with $7/person all you can eat 1 topping pizza at Boulders on Broadway (our favorite neighborhood biker bar, and I mean the type of bike that you pedal...), and $3 pints of Sam Adams.  *Bliss*

How was your weekend?  I hope it was amazing ~ happy Monday, friends!

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  1. Your weekend sounds so perfect! And I can't wait for the weather to finally warm up over here! I was hoping to go to farmers market and walk around downtown but it was freezing! It still is, actually :/ so, instead we went to a museum.