Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Rue

The March/April issue of Rue came to my inbox last week, and I spent a few hours DROOLING over my computer screen.  I am absolutely loving reading internet periodicals, it's all of the amazing parts about decorating/fashion magazines plus extra convenience (and the ability to watch videos!).  The features in this issue were so fresh; perfect for spring!

With so many bright colors, and adorable clothing (not to mention the ladder!!  I'm in love with them, as you know!), I already feel inspired to start dressing for spring!

Even though I'm sure I'd tire of it very quickly, I'm currently loving all-white rooms.  I love the small accents of blue and dark brown; It makes me feel like I'm on vacation, and who doesn't love that?!

What a great party dress!  While you couldn't wear it to a wedding (Is wearing white to a wedding suddenly NOT a social faux pas now??  I've seen SO MANY people do this lately and I cringe every time!), I'd wear it every chance I got!  And I'd obviously have to have a navy wall to hang it on.  Love.

Speaking of navy blue walls...  This makes me want to visit Montana or Wyoming.  It's charming and rustic without making you question wether the bathroom is indoor or outdoor.  And while I normally find deceased animal parts creepy (picture taxidermy of ANY KIND), the antlers here add some unique punches of white.  They're growing on me (not literally, of course). ;)

Holy adorable!  I want to own a flower shop now (only for about 3 days... this is the average time I have the ability to keep plants alive) and have a display this freaking adorable!  I wish, Wish, WISH I had the funds to fill my home with fresh flowers, or a garden somewhere that wasn't 1,204,593,457 bajillion degrees during the summer in which to grow them!  I guess I'll dust drool over this picture.

This is a whole new take on a gallery wall, and I LOVE it!  What a simple solution: paint frames and attach prints!  It looks completely fresh and modern, and I want one *cue covetousness!*

Lastly, this sign made me giggle...

So, whose weirdo are you? =)  I hope your day is wonderful; happy Friday friends!

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