Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I live in a barn

Not really, but the newest trend of using rolling barn doors in uber-chic homes kind of makes me wish that I did! I swear I've seen barn doors EVERYWHERE in the past year.  At first it felt a little too "industrial loft" for me (Shows how great my taste is.  NOT!).  But, as I saw more and more of them incorporated into traditional spaces, I became a full on believer in all the barn door has to offer!  Its a great way to dress up an otherwise plain wall, it adds visual interest to a room, and is an amazing space saver.  But numero uno reason to love them?  They're absolutely adorable.  Check out the few I've compiled below...

via Barbara Bestor
How GREAT is this red door??  This baby is feng shui, and super cute to boot!  I love the occasional pop of red; it's like this door is the ruby red pair of heels you add to an otherwise "blah" outfit to make it fantastic.  Well done, Barbara Bestor, well done!

For less of a contrast, but no less chic, paint the door to match the walls.  This adds the illusion of extra space (perfect for tiny entryways!).

via Max Levy
I want to draw a bath, and sit in this tub with the rolling barn door closed for a few hours.  Ahhhhh, solitutde!

via Apartment Therapy
Is the "barnyard" look a little too intense for you?  Don't worry, you can have a rolling door too!  Just replace the barn door with a french door and you've got it made in the shade.  I LOVE that this allows you to see between rooms.  Another great idea for making a small space feel bigger.  Although, I might not use a french door as a bathroom door like below...  ;)

via Design Sponge
The reclaimed wood here is amazing.  And it's rich colors contrast so perfectly with the stark white walls.  Someone I know needs to install a rolling barn door in their guest bath so I can try it out and see how I like the idea!

via Design Sponge
Traditional barn door meets white washed paint, meets Navajo rug, meets antler chandelier.  Anyone else feel like they NEVER would have put any of this together in like 1000 years?  I sure feel that way, but the design behind this was brilliant!

via House Beautiful
I love the way these don't come all the way to the floor.  While they might not be the most practical, they are certainly effective room dividers (and they're super cute!).

via House Beautiful
Another white-on-white door.  But the fixtures make it pop without paint.  Wonder what's behind it...  Wouldn't it be AMAZING to have barn doors on your CLOSET?!  I hope there's a closet behind this door. =)
via Southern Living
Yellow on Grey is AMAZING.  And a yellow barn door is right up there with a red barn door in my book.  Wouldn't this look good in a white and navy room too?? 

via Sunset Magazine
A barn door enclosing a closet desk?!  I'm in LOVE!  I think I died of cute!  And space saving!  Wow, love it.  I always knew you were great, Sunset Mag!

via Sunset Magazine
Need a little more "mod" with your traditional barn door?  Take it away, Sunset Magazine - these two rolling panels hide a washer dryer unit and something else (pantry?).  They look polished without looking uber-traditional.  A nice score for any modern pad.

How do you feel about barn doors?  Are you jumping on the trend or do you feel like you'd rather not remind yourself of a place that normally houses livestock?  Either way, I hope you're having an absolutely wonderful Wednesday.  Happy hump day!

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