Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As I'm busily working today (grading, writing 2 quizzes, and preparing for standardized test review, ugh!), my mind is wandering back to a few things I've found to be extra lovely in the past few weeks.  Spring is just arriving here (and it'll be gone soon to make way for summer!), and it makes me want to carry a great spring/summer bag.  Don't you think this Coach one is sweet?

Ok, ok! I'd take it to the beach, twist my arm ;)

How about these super cute place mats by Pomegranate Inc. for a summer table?  Yes, please!

While I'm looking at blue things... This watch from Verdura would look amazing on my desk at work, I'm just sayin'...

And who doesn't think blue and associate it with all things nautical??  I'll take 12 place settings of these designs, please!

A farmhouse sink will always make me swoon!  And this black one by Jean Randazzo looks especially divine!

I love maps... and I love french doors... Put them together?  You have the super-fab map door from Fric and Frac blog!

How about this home??  I'd live here if you made me...

And if i did live here... I'd have this sweet little birdhouse by Martinviette:
That's right, even my birds would be living in high style, because that's just how I roll.

I hope your lovelies are on your mind today ~ happy Wednesday, friends!

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