Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day dreaming, Lonny style

Have you seen the newest issue of Lonny, an online decorating magazine?  If not, Read. It. Now.  I get almost as excited about Lonny as I do the other magazines I receive every month in the mail (Sunset, Better Homes and Gardens, PrimeMath - don't judge!).  This issue had some funnies and some seriously lovely rooms.  Funnies first...

This is a set of brass legs from Bergdorf Goodman...  Really??  I can't imagine these in anyone's home, least of all mine.  Maybe they are meant to be a good conversation piece?  I may be missing the style boat here, but I find these... odd.  And for $1250, I think I can pass them up, just this once. ;)

The rest of the rooms comprise so much gorgeous, that I feel I could mush them all together to make my dream home.  So, imagine with me I am taking you on a tour of my home.  We walk through the entryway and straight into my family room:

Don't you love the elegance, yet comfort it exudes?  Me too, that's why I have it in my home.
Next, we take a jaunt into the living room:

Don't the black walls scream "Drama?"  I thought so.  And I also really love the antlers on my wall.  They add a little rustic charm without staring at you like one of those taxidermy buffalo heads.
Shall we visit my office and take a look at my desk top?

The mini-topiary adds some whimsical charm to an otherwise very functional workspace.  Also, I think I made a good choice with the coral wall color, no?
Come with me, my dining room is right over here...

Isn't the drum shade to die for?  And the turquoise on the chairs is unexpected and fun.  Gosh I love my dining room!
My kitchen is right this way...

The all-white look keeps everything fresh, and the built-in seating allows people to spend time with me while I cook gourmet meals to be served in the dining room above.  Also, I could die for the pendant light in here. 
My eat-in breakfast area is right behind you...

The Ikat pillows and copper pendant lamps give an otherwise run-of-the-mill kitchen table a pop of something unexpected.  Oh, and have you see my windows?  Yeah.  I live here.
My laundry room is right over here, if you'll walk with me...

Isn't my skirted, farmhouse sink adorable?  I also love my collection of milk-glass serving ware.  And my oval window.  But it's just my laundry room, no biggie.
Come upstairs with me and take a gander at my bedroom...

I love how the light pours in the french doors that lead out to my balcony.  And the antique chest of drawers is a chic storage solution for my bed linens, when I'm not using my amazing graphic print duvet.  And if the light gets to be too much?  I just draw my dove-grey silk drapes and take a snooze. 
And my bathroom? Well...

It features this gorgeous soaking tub, and a picture window.  I sometimes spend hours in here (this is my fantasy life, right?  I can have free time!).
Since you've seen most of the inside, why not take a look at my backyard?

Would you like to come over and soak up some sun with me?  If you're not a sun-worshiper, we could just sip Mojitos under the cabana.  It's up to you. 

Oh Lonny, thank you for letting me imagine myself, once again, living in the pages of your lovely magazine.  Did you all enjoy my home tour?  Read a little of Lonny for yourself today, and see of you don't start drooling/day dreaming too!  Happy Tuesday, friends!

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