Thursday, March 10, 2011

Working girl!

I feel like that's all I do right now!  Quarter grades are impending, and students are taking their exams... they're about to be relieved of their workload and I'm about to be inundated (hence the short post).  Such is life as a teacher~wouldn't change it for anything.  Alas, I think I would rather be relaxing about now.  Maybe doing this?


I want to ride my bicycle, read books, and collect flowers!  That sounds like a picture perfect day to me!  Yesterday, Eric and I rode our bikes to our favorite pub, and sat on the patio with our dog, and ate a white pizza.  Perfection.  I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday evening as much as we did!  And I hope your day today is smooth sailing... Happy Thursday, Friends!


  1. Thank you for being a teacher! I know it is hard, but you are so appreciated.

    Love that image too.

  2. Thank you, Rene! I wouldn't be anything else for all the tea in China~but it's nice to be appreciated, I won't lie ;)