Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dreamy Bedrooms and... Fundido?

After cooking a meal for a relative yesterday, making dinner for 3 last night, cooking dinner for 8 this morning for tonight (here we come, crock pot!), and cleaning my whole house, while writing 4 tests for my students... I. Am. Exhausted.  Holy cow I need a nap.  Good thing my students are so much fun and keep me energized.  Oddly enough, the only time I think about wanting a nap is on my prep time.  Guess I'm in the right profession =)  But, since I'm thinking about napping now, I think I'd like to sleep in one of these rooms...

 Doesn't that throw at the end of the bed scream at you to wrap up in it and snuggle?  It's like it'll be mad at me if I don't, guess I better go snuggle before I upset it - twist my arm... (also please notice the PUPPY in the picture - adorbs!)

 I want to lay in one of these and nap with the soft spring sun on my face... Maybe fall asleep while reading a book.  Mmmkay?  Mmmkay.

This is for my glammier naps (yep, I just made glam into a superlative adjective - and yes I'm the Grammar Queen for knowing what a superlative adjective is).  I'll lie about in my silk drwssing gown with my hair perfectly tousled and makeup fully done and the people from Vogue will come to take my picture because I'm just that glamorous.

Canopy bed?  Amazeballs.  And another throw across the foot of a bed is calling my name.  I must be craving snuggle weather.  Not great for me since it's about to be eleventyhundred degrees here in less than a week and it'll be that way for so long that you might as well burn all of your cold weather things...

Mmmmm, cottage napping should equal love.  And while cottages are cute, I'm always creeped that there will be a spider in my bed.  It's like my brain thinks Cottages + Spiders = Love Forever.  Anyone else feel this way??  No?  Just me?  Yep, thanks brain for making look crazy... AGAIN.

 This is my favorite picture of all of them.  A cozy little nook, adorable bed frame, and cushy cotton bedding.  Doesn't it look like the mattress could be made of down??  Oh I hope it is!  Cue me jumping wildly into this adorable little scene!

 How romantic!  This bed is looking for a napper plus one.  An the gigantic foot board is quite the statement piece.  Perhaps they put the bed together backwards?? ;)  In all seriousness, I love it, and wish I had enough space in my room to do the same.

 Now this looks like something I could re-create in a home around here; albeit, not my home.  I have one 2x3 window in my bedroom.  One.  That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I sleep in Cell Block A at the AZ state penitentiary. Or at least it feels that way sometimes.  I'm working on a plan for the drapes to make it look like the window is much larger than it is.  *Crossing fingers* I hope it works!!!

Do you love sea-grass wallpaper?  I think it's really the only sort of wallpaper that I do like (provided the grain runs horizontally - I'm picky, so sue me).  Don't get me wrong, I've seen some GORGEOUSLY wallpapered rooms, they're just not for me.  I had some bad wallpaper experiences as a kid (seriously), and I'm not looking for a repeat.  But this sparing and tasteful use could be something I'd want in a bedroom someday.  Oooh!  Or a wide hallway above a chair rail!  Mmmmm, maybe wallpaper and I will get together again one of these days - But for now I'm still holding my grudge.

Are you sleepy this Wednesday?  I absolutely am.  What with getting up so early to prep our dinner (again, enter the worlds BEST appliance, the <3 CROCK POT <3 ), I didn't have a chance to make my lunch.  So, I'll be going to my fave fast food Mexican joint, SomeBurros to have the always-amazing...

 5 Dollar Fundidio Wednesday

special. =) It looks like this:

It's OK to be jealous of my close access to mediocre Mexican fast food.  And yes, I can eat the whole thing.  So suck on that, health nuts!!  Just kidding (about the insult, not eating the whole thing - I can definitely do that).

In other food news (can you tell I'm HUNGRY?!), hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post 2 amazing recipes that are waiting in my "need-to-post-about-this-stuff-because-it's-getting-so-old-I'm-starting-to-forget-what-I-did" folder.  A booze-less (sad face) berry bread pudding, and Chicken in Peanut sauce with couscous.  Cue salivation.  =)  Happy Wednesday, homies!

(all images via ElleDecor - except the fundido, obvi!)

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