Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Fever

Mmmmm, the weather outside is deee-lightful!  It's getting a bit hot here, but most of the day, the weather is warm, sunny and gorgeous!  And do you know what's even better?  Today is Friday!  I plan on getting out this weekend and enjoying the spring.  Here's a few pics to get you all inspired...

Well, hello to you too, spring!  I've missed you!!

Twirling in the sun and sitting in the grass?  *sigh*  Perfect!

Mmmmm, cherry blossoms...

And Easter colored candy!


Roses on a trellis, and a European courtyard.  I'll take two.

Are you convinced yet?  Go enjoy yourself some spring!!  Happy Friday, my friends!
(All images via WeHeartIt)

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