Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good style knows no age



Now that that's said...  I've been awed by some of the adorable nurseries and children's rooms I've seen around the blog-o-sphere lately.  I wanted to share some of them with you all, as you are honestly nearer to having children than I am (this applies to anyone above the age of 5).  =)

Let's start with an adorable nursery featured on one of my all time favorite blogs, Emily A Clark...

Most of you will probably understand why I love this room so much... (hint: barn door, sheepskin rug, and nailhead trim chair!!!).  I've never really been the biggest fan of orange, but the combo with the soft greys and creams in this room is great.

So adorable...  just one thought though: umm, weird yellow ceiling, why are you hanging around being all funky in this room??  Please leave.

I love the simplicity of this little garland!  But part of me wonders how safe it is to have things hanging within arms reach of a crib...

I think every room should have a chalkboard - don't you? 

The basic toys are just enough.  I love me a nursery with simple toys (and NOTHING that makes noise, for the love of God!!).

Another adorable nursery, this time from Urban Grace...

If/when we decide to have children, and if I ever have a girl... THIS is what the nursery will look like.  It's got a little bit of sweet (plate collection is adorable!), a little bit of glam (check out the gold leaf on the inside of the lamp shades! Va Va Voom!), and the perfect amount of baby cuteness (cue the "awww!").  Plus I feel like I could DIY most of this.  Yay for cute AND cheap!

This nursery is from an unknown source, but it's heavy on the adorable!

Not sure there's enough color in here for my taste, but the striped walls are AWESOME!  Again, I love the simple and classic toys.  just enough without being fussy.

Also, that ottoman is the coolest.  Grey velvet with cream piping is such a classy look.  The baby who lives here is stylish, it just has to be.

Now on to another favorite of mine...  bunk beds!  Who didn't want a bunk bed when they were younger?

via Elle Decor
This is such an excellent use of small space; and can I have that chair please?  Thanks!  One small sidenote... do you think those beds ever look that tidy?  I'm just keepin' it real, folks!

via Pottery Barn Kids
And as if bunk beds wasn't extreme enough for you, I give you: Hanging Bunk Beds!  This is ADORABLE...  but lets be honest, this is a broken arm/nose/face in the making.  Not to mention you better hope that your bunk mate isn't a nighttime wiggler...  Cute? Yes. Functional? Not really.

via Fric and Frac blog
A CUBBY bed?!  I would have DIED for this as a kid!  You don't have to make your bed, just shut the cupboards~perfect.  The built in look adds a ton of class, and the color is just pale enough to make it unobtrusive (as built-ins can sometimes be... in my opinion).  Also, I want that sparkly pendant above my bed now.  Yum.

via A Thoughtful Place
Would it be a post by me if I didn't feature something bright green?  I think not.  The pallet headboard is awesome, environment friendly, and probably SUPER cheap.  Not to mention the nautical themed closet, suh-weet!  One question though... where does this little man keep his clothes?  Oh well, at least the picture is adorable =)

Maybe one day, something similar to of one of these rooms with be in our home for our little ones, but for now, we're happy doting on our sweet little Ted...

(despite the blurriness of the picture, isn't that the sweetest little face you ever did see?!)

Anyone planning  nursery/kids room right now?  Please share your tricks and tips with all of us!  Happy tuesday, friends!


  1. These are so great. I am planning my big boy room . . had it all designed and no second guessing it all! Oh boy!! I hate when I do that.

  2. Thanks Courtney! I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product =)