Friday, April 29, 2011

A Fairytale...

Wasn't she a vision?  I'm an all-American girl, don't get me wrong... but I couldn't not watch Will and Kate tie the knot at 3AM AZ time this morning.  The ceremony was lovely and the looked like they genuinely love each other.  And how about that DRESS?  I'm in LOVE.  She can keep Will, I'll marry the dress tomorrow!  (Also, was it possible for Mr. and Mrs. Middleton to produce a child who wasn't goegeous?!  Sheesh!  Pippa and James are lookers too!)

Sarah Burton, you are a goddess, although it doesn't look like what you normally design, I LOVE it!!

They are going to make GORGEOUS babies (and my bet is they don't wait long to start!).
Ahhh, happily ever after! =)  Happy Friday, friends!
(all images via Associated Press)

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  1. I loved it too. I did a post about it here if you want to read about my take on the day!

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