Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend plans and recent happenings

Eric and I are having the Busiest. Month. Ever.  We seriously have NO free evenings until the end of April ~ how did this happen?  At least most of the things we are doing are fun and involve spending time with friends.  Just a few nights ago, Eric's dad snagged 9 tickets in the private company box to watch the Suns play the Timberwolves!  So, we packed ourselves and 7 of our friends into the car an hour later and headed off to the game.  We ended up winning in overtime, and really enjoyed our time living the "good life."  Here we all are afterward in the front row of the box:

Go Suns!

Ted recently go to a whole new level of shaggy...  He didn't even look like a terrier anymore.  Here's the adorable evidence =)

Oh my goodness, have you ever seen such an adorable little face?!  He's just so squeezable!  And here he is after his trim:

He looks pretty silly, but he's much more comfortable in our 90+ degree weather here.  But that face doesn't get any less adorable, no matter what the trim looks like!

Today, we're leaving our sweet little Teddy and headed off to a weekend in California at my aunt and uncle's avocado ranch just outside San Diego:

I hope you're staying pleasantly busy, and that your weekend is everything you've been waiting for since Monday.  Happy Friday, friends!

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