Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TradHome (2 weeks too late)

Ok, so better late than never?  For those of you who didn't know, Traditional Home and Lonny have teamed up to release TradHome, my absolute FAVORITE e-publication ever, based on their first issue.  It was 347 pages of gorgeous, and it made me swoon several times over.  Head on over to their site and take a gander.  If you're a design addict like myself, you'll be there for an hour or so... drooling.  Here are a few of my favorite things from this first issue...

This seating arrangement from 2Michaels Designs is amazing.  I want a bay window so I can do this too!  Can I have a book, this bench, and 2 free hours please?  Oh, you say I have to work to buy said bench?  Maybe not....

 LOVE this over-sized lantern from Amy D. Morris.  I wonder what kind of light it gives at night?  I imagine it feeling like an indoor patio - yum.

 There was an entire spread about different ways to style a Louis XVI chair!!  Suh-weet!

This was my favorite... Tans/yellows surrounded by navy and white... go figure...

They also spent almost 100 pages profiling 6 or 7 different designers, and I've now fallen for the talented Erika Powell.  Doesn't this kitchen scream style?  Yet it also feels like kids and dogs could run through at any moment covered in mud.  Style + function = my home someday

Greens?  Tans?  PURPLE?!  Oh, I want this family room so badly!!  Erika, you are divine.  But lets talk about the white couch for a sec... remember that functionality thing? Good thing it's beautiful and I'd consider putting it in my home (I'd ultimately decide against it... white is pretty much a guarantee that I'll spill wine.).

I'm loving the neutral art above the fireplace here.  This is a functionaal seating area that doesn't look stuffy.  Nice job!

 This is what my bedroom looks like... I wish!  Wouldn't be too hard to re-create though, would it?  I also like that she incorporates ceiling fans into her space.  Living in the good ole' AZ, it'd be difficult to exist without a fan in every room, and I like how she takes something so functional and makes it chic.  *sigh*

These images are from a farm on the Hudson River Valley...  So, who's moving there with me??

 All those colorful veggies!!  Mmmmmmmmm.....

 Here's a Jamie Herzlinger design from the city where I work!  If only all of us could have sprawling views of Camelback Mountain in our backyard!  Not to mention those striped loungers - the sun worshiper in me would kill for an afternoon here with a mimosa.

 Jeff Andrews is another immensely talented designer featured in the lovely TradHome.  Isn't this little desk just the perfect amount of glam??  I tend to lean toward the traditional, but a little sparkle here and there definietly makes me smile =)

 Apart from the strange light features (IKEA, anyone??), I LOVE this faily room.  It's green, comfy, livable, and the subway sign on the back wall is OUTSTANDING.  Love, love, love.  If I ever have a room this size/orientation, this is what's happening it to it.  And I thought I didn't like sectionals....  Hmmm, I guess you never know!

 Yum, yum, yum.  Thanks for all the eye candy, Mr. Andrews!

 After I just did a post on adorable kid spaces, this appears from Kim Winkler.  I love how this room looks made for a little boy, yet the permanent features in the room would age with him.  Long lasting style is key for kid rooms, and the prints above the bed are FAB.  I'm not quite sure what they're made of, but they look like vintage game boxes.  Wouldn't that make an adorable gallery wall in a kid's room?  Someone who has kids should do it and tell me how it looks! 

 If I was brave enough to have upholstered chairs at my table (clumsy alert!), they would certainly have nailhead trim and a soft cream color like these.  Yes, please!

 PUPPY!  I'm in love.  This had to be a set-up...  How can we get the most women to love our magazine?  Put in GORGEOUS rooms and follow it up with a PUPPY.  Geniuses over there at TradHome, I tell you!  Geniuses!

As if they didn't already have me hooked, they had to leave me with this library, complete with a rolling ladder, and bookshelves (which you already know I LOVE), by Tom Delavan.  Have you checked out TradHome yet??  What do you think?  I hope you're having a wonderful day - happy Tuesday, friends!

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