Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Weekend Warriors bring you...The beginning of our new backyard!

Guess what's happening in our backyard today??

Yep, that's right!  The used-to-be-pool-turned-dirt-pit that has been in the backyard since we bought the house (beggars in expensive cities can't be choosy!) is coming OUT!  Eric, my dad, and some AMAZING friends are here helping to hammer, rip, pull, and smash apart the top two feet of concrete so that we can officially take the pool off of our homeowners insurance (REE-diculous that is has had to remain on there until now!  It's supposed to be extra on your insurance in case anyone ever drowns in your pool - how could someone drown in dirt?!).  Pretty soon (i.e. 2+ years), grass, new pavers, and a garden will go in.  For now, I'll be thankful to get rid of the eyesore that has been the "pool."  Did I mention that it's been filled in for so long that palm trees are now happily growing from the deep end?  Sheesh.  What were people THINKING? 

We took some "before" pictures, but they're soooo horrible that I'm embarrassed to post them.  Perhaps I'll do a progress so far post on Monday when I feel like we've made progress.  At least it doesn't look like this backyard...

(AGAIN! THIS IS NOT MY YARD, thank heaven!)

But with the cinder block fence and hard-packed dirt... well, it's pretty close.  *Shame*  But we don't have junk in our backyard, I can say that much!

So, for the rest of today, I'll be listening to jack hammering noises, carting concrete into the back of a truck, and making lemonade/ice tea until I run out of water (gotta keep those workers happy!).  I hope your day is shaping up to be a wonderful one!  Happy Saturday, friends!


  1. Don't be embarrassed, April. We are renting a house that started with a dirt backyard last year, now it is a beautiful and relaxing place to hang out with grass, red brick, and trees! Our dogs love it too :)

    Fran Kizer

  2. Thanks Fran! =) Hopefully it'll be a place like that eventually, but I think it'll be a while. Our budget is 1k, and we're doing so much by hand that it's hard to have it done on a schedule. But someday!