Monday, April 11, 2011

Pillow Party!

Over the weekend, I started to look seriously at accent pieces for our new color scheme (navy, white and green!!), and as luck would have it, my mom was at Target with me when I saw these:

HOLY LOVE!!  They are actually pillows for outdoor furniture, but do I care??  Nuh-uh!  They were two for $18, and my mom bought them for me for my "Easter gift."  Isn't she the BEST?!  I was so excited.  Now All I need to do is find a few adorable solid green pillows to go with my *hopefully* new couch, and I'll be in business!  Goodbye, dreary cranberry color - hello springy blues and greens!  Maybe I'll have to spring (haha, get it??  Spring??)  for these...

They're also at Target for the same price.  SOCRE! 

I also almost bought a couch this weekend.  And by almost, I mean that I made someone on Craigslist an offer at the top of my couch budget, and they declined and sold to someone else at the same price.  Boo.  Sometimes this living within your means thing isn't so pleasant... but then I remember that we can pick up and go on a trip pretty much anytime we want b/c of living within our means and then I'm ok with it again.  =)  However, I have decided what i want in a couch.  I'd prefer a tight-backed 3 cushion couch like this:

Just a measly $4k and it can be mine!  Oh well, maybe someday... For now, my Craigslist search continues.  Any couch suggestions for me?  My budget is $400 or less (nope, that's not a joke).  I firmly believe a lovely couch will come my way in my price range...  but we may be sitting on teh tile for a while ;)  Happy Monday, people!


  1. Try pruitts in phoenix. I bought a beautiful sectional there for just over 800. They have great deals

  2. Grr. Darn Craigslist people! Couches are really tough to find. They are never cheap new, but the ones you can find used are usually a little TOO used. We are looking at replacing our couch one of these days and I think I'll be in the same boat as you (budget and all). So, no suggestions, but I feel your pain!