Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday blues & House of Fifty

Am I blue today?  Certainly not!  But I am enamored with pops of blue right now (probably why I am changing around the whole color scheme in my house... AGAIN).  I hope you're having the kind of "Monday blues" where your dreaming of things like this...

A soft blue wall makes this bedroom seem serene, and it definitely mutes the dark wood.

 Cobalt blue couch??  YES!  If only I had the $$ to design a room around an accent piece (I like to have a house that can easily change with the seasons)

 Blue bedding is just the pop of color this room needs.  But would you worry about rolling out of this bed?  It's in the middle of the room...  The kind of things that go through my head - OhMyGoodness.

 Well, hello closet of my dreams - how are you?  Ready to run away together?  I just knew you'd have a blue ottoman!  Does it hold shoes like these ones?  Of course it holds shoes, because it's in the closet of my dreams!

(all images via ElleDecor)
Mmmmmmm, this is the ultimate blue space.  Meet me by my dream pool at 5 today, friends - I'll be the one in the adorable bathing suit sipping a cocktail.

In other news, have you seen the new E-publication House of Fifty yet??  It's a new publication featuring contributions from some of my absolute FAVE bloggers!!  And I just got the email that it went live.  Excuse me while I go drool all over my keyboard.  Happy Monday, friends!

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