Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wanted: Tory Burch Boot

I want a pair of these... SO MUCH. I love everything Tory Burch does, it's just too bad her prices are more "Bergdorf Goodman" when my wallet is more "Target" sized... But if anyone out there was feeling generous (they're on sale!! Only $113 right now!), I'm a size 7 and I would be willing to do an ENORMOUS amount of decorating and design work in exchange (since my husband would DIE if I ever suggested spending that much on clothing). I'm just saying people... I'm giving you options ;) Here's a pic of my little beauties...

Here are some more favorites from her Ready-to-wear collection at Bergdorfs...
I want these for work. I would wear them everyday. I promise.

Too bad I lose expensive sunglasses. I'll stick with my $10 avaiators =)

Yummy white hobo - here I come, summer!

Suede satchel? Yes please. It's very "working girl."

Straw tote! With Coral accents! Happiness!

Nautical necklace... ahhh warmer weather, I'm on my way! Thanks Tory Burch for the eye candy - keep it coming! Happy Sunday evening, everyone!


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